sábado, 8 de setembro de 2007

Historical eye candy?...

Buste d'Antinoüs, dit Antinoüs d'Écouen
Hauteur: 74 cm
XVIIIe siècle
Musée du Louvre, Département des Antiquités grecques, étrusques et romaines

Pulchra sunt quæ visa placent.
São Tomás de Aquino, Summa Theologica
Belas são as coisas que, ao serem vistas, agradam.
Beautiful is what pleases the eye.

Antínuo hoje?… Antinous today?…

Pulchre, bene, recte!
Horácio, Ars Poetica
Belo, bem, perfeito!
Beautiful, well, perfect!

Antinous's torso, called Antinous of Ecouen
Height: 74 cm
18th century
Louvre Museum, Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities

Iuventa viribus pollet.
Erasmo de Roterdão, Adagia
A mocidade tem muita força.
Youth is very strong.

Enjoy your Sunday lavishly, if you please!


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r.porter disse...

Belo Antínuo! Muito Belo!

Bom fim-de-semana para ti também.

RIC disse...

Olá querida Yo!
Acredito piamente que estás a referir-te ao presumível de hoje! Rsrsrs! Ainda que o de pedra deva ter tido um excelente modelo ao vivo...
Tudo de bom para ti, minha querida!
Um beijinho para ti também! :-)

T-Bird disse...

Yum. Very nice, Ric.

I am back, though having to balance my time between work, rest, home, yard and now TWO blogs. Putting TONS of work into getting the new one "Get Back to Let it Be...Dissected" off the ground.


Currently posting the "Listener's Guide" and the music I produced that accompanies it. At some point I’ll start posting my look at the roots of popular culture which examines the events and trends that fed into one month of the Beatles’ career (January, 1969).

Getting good traffic at the new site but this crowd does not blog – they do those Usenet groups. Blogging there under a fictional character I created for myself – a Marxist professor.

Hope all is well with you. We had a crappy summer here. Cloudy and muggy. This week is supposed to be hot and dry. What we call “Indian Summer” here to compensate for the crappy summer. Cheers. Will

Minge disse...

Certainly will. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I behold beauty every time I visit your blog, Ric.

RIC disse...

Hello dear Will!
Well, I'm sure you do like that Antinous! You were the one who offered me those two photos of his torso, remember?
I'm glad to know you're finally back! I believe it's high time, isn't it?
In due time I'll leave a comment on your new blog – personally and directly. For the time being, let me just tell you that it looks absolutely beautiful, in great style, with a balanced choosing of colours, and the tables are most impressive! So well organized! You must have gone through a lot of work, my friend! Congratulations!
Yes, our summer here was miserable too… I hadn't seen such a summer in many years. I do believe I've never seen one like this one before…
Wish you the best, dear Will!
Greetings! :-)

RIC disse...

Hello dear Minge!
I'm glad you'll enjoy your Sunday. Lavishly!
Thank you so very much for the compliment! I think I can say one of my goals here is to have some beauty (of any kind) around.
Best wishes! :-)

Minge disse...

Always good to achieve ones goals.

RIC disse...

... Whenever that's possible, why not? The world is horrid enough already...
If I can somehow shape the environment around me, I'd better do it.

Minge disse...

Yes, do it with passion and vigour. Live your life as you make love - with force, strength and yet a tender and gentle touch!

RIC disse...

... Wow!!! That may be a little too much, don't you think? Lol! I'm no young boy anymore in the first place, you know, and that would be as exausting as... you know...
Passion and vigour is enough. Tender and gentle? Always! I couldn't do it any other way... Lol!

Special K disse...

E que belos bustos, agradam ao olho com certeza Rsss!
Também podias meter ai o "teu" David que é das coisas mais lindas que eu já vi. Quer dizer, ainda não tive oportunidade de ver ao vivo, quem sabe um dia...

RIC disse...

Olá Paulo!
A arte neoclássica tinha a seu favor o facto de ser considerada original por copiar modelos antigos. Hoje, com a busca desenfreada da «originalidade», perdeu-se muito dos cânones do Belo. Nesta questão, estou claramente do lado dos Antigos!...
Pois é, é uma pena que sejam só bustos... Rsrsrs! Quanto ao «meu» David, acabaste de me dar uma ideia! Vou pensar no assunto com muita... ternura! Rsrsrs!
Se tiveres a oportunidade, não a percas! Estar naquele exacto lugar que Steve Walker nos mostra no seu quadro (lembras-te?) é um privilégio que nunca se esquece! Eu que o diga! Rsrsrs! Ah Firenze!
Um abraço! :-)

Minge disse...

You are the epitome of human passion.

RIC disse...

Wow! I just love that Greek word! Passionately! Lol!
Epitome, archetype, quintessence!… All of them lovely words! Thank you so very much, dear Minge! You're too kind!

Minge disse...

Oh, and I love that word, too. Almost as much as I adore you.

RIC disse...

... You are indeed a born diplomat for the art of using beautiful words in appropriate contexts! Thank you so very much!
That's something I know about you for a year now.
Best wishes! :-)

Minge disse...

And best wishes to you, you clever, extraordinary and beautiful man!

RIC disse...

... Thank you so very much, dear Minge! Likewise indeed!

Professor Benjamin Levi Marks disse...

Thank you. Had 118 visitors yesterday which floored me. But they do not blog! They just come to read and to listen, which is fine.

Worked on it all week.

Cheers, ME

Professor Benjamin Levi Marks disse...

PS yes, I remembered the foto giving.