terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2007

«It Always Comes As A Surprise»…

«I can't be cool, or nonchalant
Call me an impulsive fool, you're all I want
You may be right, it's too much too soon
To talk of love all night in your bedroom

I don't know why it always comes as a surprise
To find I'm here with you
You smile, and I am rubbing my eyes
At a dream come true

I won't play games or waste your time
But I won't feel ashamed to speak my mind
So just relax, don't question why
For calculated facts will not apply

I don't know why it always comes as a surprise
To find I'm here with you
You smile, and I am rubbing my eyes
At a dream come true

In my life, there've been few
Who've affected me the way you do, you do
You do, you do

I'll tell no lies, I won't pretend
But if you've a broken heart, I'll help it mend

I don't know why it always comes as a surprise
To find I'm here with you
You smile, and I am rubbing my eyes
At a dream come true

Smile, and I am rubbing my eyes
At a dream come true.»

… Some great words I wish I could be telling someone right now…
But no, you just cannot have it all, can you?… Life isn't fair, and you just have to go on wishing for the best and living with what you've got. And sometimes that's just nothing at all.


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pinguim disse...

Caro Ric
Muito bela canção, sem dúvida.
Àcerca das tuas palavras finais, é pena estarem em inglês (tentei a tradução, mas o resultado é idêntico ao que tinha entendido, na minha própria tradução), o que me leva a não ter percebido completamente o alcance das mesmas.
Fica bem, abraço.

Minge disse...

This is one of my favourite PSB songs. If not my actual favourite.

It's currently being performed...


And my gmail address is...


Minge disse...

Someday, you'll have everything and someone who sees you as everything.

RIC disse...

Olá meu caro João C.!
Fico contente por teres gostado. É talvez a canção dos Pet Shop Boys de que mais gosto.
Quanto às minhas palavras, elas são apenas um desabafo de ausência, um pouco na sequência do édito anterior. Nada de muito importante...
Obrigado! Um abraço para ti também!

RIC disse...

Hello dear Minge!
It's a pitty you don't know how good my memory really is: I remembered this song is your favourite one, and that your e-mail address was based on that line... I also knew you might react to this post if you happened to come by in time to see it. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of you when I picked this song...
Someday, I'll have something... That will be quite enough for me...
Hugs to the Impulsive Fool!

Special K disse...

Uma boa recordação dos PTB. Não é uma das minhas favoritas, tive que a procurar pois já nem me lembrava dela. Ainda assim é sempre bom ouvi-la de novo.

RIC disse...

Olá Paulo!
Desculpa por ter estado «em cartaz» tão pouco tempo... Gosto muito do álbum «Bilingual», parece-me muito equilibrado em termos de qualidade dos temas. Mas confesso que conheço mal álbuns mais recentes... Não consigo tocar todas as teclas do piano, bem longe disso...
Se quiseres dar umas «dicas», estás à vontade. Agradeço!
Um abraço amigo! :-)

dondon009 disse...

My dear friend...

The words are beautiful, but to most who read them, they are only a memory or a dream.

No one can have it all, and those that imagine they do, are not necessarily happy.

As my friends continue to remind me, "wishing to have someone in your life does not work unless you do something about it". That special person will not come blindly knocking on the door.

It's great to have you blogging again....


RIC disse...

Hello my dear Don!
What a great lesson you just taught me, dear Don! Especially that first paragraph! I guess no one will ever be able of saying those words in the present tense: either you said them already - and long for that past situation - or you'll say them one day and wish for it to happen. I just hadn't thought about that, my romantic side having blinded me...
As to the next two paragraphs, well, sometimes you just feel under the weather and say whatever comes to your mouth without reasoning about it. The rationalist I am as well keeps telling me every single day nothing or no one will ever be delivered at my door... But just a few times I do wish they would... Silly, I know...
Thanks a lot, dear Don, it's great having you back here too!
Hugs! :-)

Minge disse...

You are special, Ric.

RIC disse...

Am I, dear Minge?... Really?
I do wish I weren't. Because if I am, that's just a load of problems... Nothing else...
But thanks all the same! I hope I'm still a polite guy, having answered this way...