quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2007

Ingmar Bergman – efter en månad…

«Till vår bästa vän Ingmar, som jag vill minnas alltid, som den som har i sin blick den nordiska sommarens solljus… Tack så mycket!»

Ingmar Bergman och Liv Ullmann

«Höstsonaten» – Liv Ullmann och Ingrid Bergman

My favourite films

Sommaren med Monika (Mónica e o Desejo)
En lektion i kärlek (Uma Lição de Amor)
Det sjunde inseglet (O Sétimo Selo)
Smultronstället (Morangos Silvestres)
Persona (A Máscara)
Viskningar och rop (Lágrimas e Suspiros)
Trollflöjten (A Flauta Mágica)
Ormens ägg / Das Schlangenei (O Ovo da Serpente)
Höstsonaten (Sonata de Outono)
Ur marionetternas liv / Aus dem Leben der Marionetten (Da Vida das Marionetas)
Fanny och Alexander (Fanny e Alexandre)

You'll find a most exhaustive register of Bergman's wide-ranging work

This is only my humblest tribute to a great man and an even greater artist.


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kevin disse...

Is that Danish you are writing?

Your language ability astounds me more and more.

May i ask you about Euro coins? In your change do you regularly get Euro coins from all over Europe not just Portuguese? Do you get coins in your change from Ireland and Finland regularly?

Just an interesting thought.
Kev in NZ

RIC disse...

Hello dear Kevin!
No, it's not Danish for several reasons; the main one, however, is that Ingmar Bergman was/is a Swedish film director and artist. Linguistically speaking, both languages are quite similar, but Danish has «aa» instead of «å», among other spelling small differences.
As to Euro coins, we do get foreign coins here, yes! From each and every country that belongs to the Euro-zone. I just checked my wallet, and I happen to have two from Spain, one from Italy and another from Germany. This happens all the time indeed!
Thanks for your well-placed curiosity!
Um abraço amigo! :-)

kevin disse...

obrigado Ric
It is so funny to have coins circulating in Portugal from other countries. That is what makes Europe so unique.

We use to have the occassional 5c, 10c and 20c coins from Australia circulating in our money up until a year ago when our coins became smaller. We now therefore get just NZ coins. Also we have withdrawn the 5c coin now which means our smallest coin denomination is 10c.

Im off to bed now.
Buenas noches/Guten Nacht/boa noite

RIC disse...

Hello Kevin!
Não tens de quê! (You're welcome!)
Well, the truth is they all look very much alike, because they obbey to a common standard: only one of the faces bears the national distinctive image. Some of them are really very beautiful! Personally, I like the Italian ones very much.
Sleep tight, dear friend!
Boa noite/Good night/Gute Nacht, and - Swedish! - God natt! :-)

kevin disse...

I have just checked the Euro coins on the internet. All coins from all of the Eurozone have beautiful designs on their reverse. If I had to rank them for beauty they would be:

1. Austria
2. Greece
3. Italy
4. Portugal

The most boring in my opinion are the ones from Ireland! Just a harp on ALL their coins!

I only wish that New Zealand could join the European Union for its cultural benefits. Would Portugal like to be our colonial power and then we can be European too :) lol

Have a great day my friend.

Abraco meu amigo e boa noite,
Kev em NZ

RIC disse...

Well! Dear Kevin's back again!
As to your ranking, I must admit I had forgotten all about Austria and Greece (since they're seldom seen around here), but they are beautiful indeed, I do agree with you! To be entirely honest, I don't find the Portuguese design that much interesting, not to mention its lack of beauty, but we could have beautiful coins, since we have a lot of marvellous historical symbols... So I guess Finnish coins come first! They have a marvelous modern design, really top of top!
As to your wish... I'd rather not make any statement... Our nowadays problems have their main rigins on that colonial empire. Period,
I believe you should address that wish to... London! Of course! Isn't Betty still your Queen? Aren't you according to the law a subject of Her Majesty? So? Here's your answer! But I'm not so sure it might help your wish come true in any way... Lol!
A great day for you too!
Um abraço para ti também! :-)

kevin disse...

I will e-mail Betty now! As long as i dont get Charles responding again!!!!!

Have a great night in beautiful Lisboa.

Kev in NZ

RIC disse...

... Yes, dear Kevin, that's the best thing to do: e-mail Buckingham! I'm sure Charley's elsewhere... With Mrs. Balls, I suppose... Lol!!!
Thanks, dear friend! :-)

Special K disse...

Belos filmes, gosto do Sétimo selo, magnífico! Mónica e o Desejo ou Sonata de Outono, o último papel no cinema da ainda belíssima Ingrid Bergman. Óbviamente a Flauta Mágica, embora me meta alguma confusão o Papageno em sueco. Já agora falta o Persona que também é um dos meus preferidos do Bergman.
Um abraço.

RIC disse...

Olá Paulo!
Uma obra tão rica e tão vasta presta-se a «esquecimentos» destes... «Persona» tem de estar também na minha lista de preferidos! Ao organizá-la é que me dei conta de que são muitos os meus filmes preferidos! E se revisse uns quantos, talvez os escolhesse também... Obrigado!
Um abraço! :-)