segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2007

II. The 52.nd Eurovision Song Contest

«Hyvää iltaa, Helsinki!
Good evening!
This is Lisbon calling!
And these are the results of RIC jury (on a 0-20 points scale):

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina – 14
2. Spain – 10
3. Belarus – 10
4. Ireland – 14
5. Finland – 8
6. Macedonia – 10
7. Slovenia – 12
8. Hungary – 16
9. Lithuania – 16
10. Greece – 8
11. Georgia – 8
12. Sweden – 8
13. France – 12
14. Latvia – 18 − «Questa Notte»!
15. Russia – 8
16. Germany – 16
17. Serbia – 16
18. Ukraine – 10
19. United Kingdom – 14
20. Romania – 14
21. Bulgaria – 12
22. Turkey – 12
23. Armenia – 10
24. Moldova – 8

Thank you, Latvia, so very much for having brought back the Italian language to this contest! Great song! Marvellous voices!
Even absent, Italy is not forgotten! Ever!
… Incidentally, if I were to vote for the Portuguese song I would have to «bestow» it an 8… or perhaps less… What a piece of «pimba» crap we had to listen to last Thursday!
Let us all vote well, and may the very best win!

(Some time later)

Congratulations, Srbija, for your great victory!
Beginner's luck, I'd say (laughing out loud)!
But your «Molitva/Prayer», dear Marija Šerifović, did work a wondrous miracle! Superb on stage!
What a great voice!
What an enchanting melody!
What a fabulous performance!

Sadly enough I don't understand Serbian, but even so I do feel inclined to bet the lyrics are formidably inspired by one of the greatest poetesses ever – Sappho! Am I perhaps wrong? Guess not…
All the more a reason to warmly welcome Marija – and Serbia – in «our» European community! If you know what I mean…

Hyvästi, Helsinki ja Suomi!
Kiitoksia paljon
– for the great TV show you've offered us all!

Hello Beograd!
Enjoy your merited victory! Lavishly!
I'm looking forward to meeting you on the green banks of the blue Dunav next year! Farewell!»

Friendly greetings to all Eurovision Song Contest fans all over the world, wherever you may be!


7 comentários:

lampejo disse...

Já a muito que não vejo tal coisa, perdeu todo o interesse...

Ps: andaste a alterar o blog e perdeste algumas coisas.

pinguim disse...

Amigo Ric
Imaginas a minha emoção?
Tu sabes a importância que este trivial facto de ganhar um festival da Eurovisão, teve para aquela gente?
Eu sei e tu sabes que eu sei.

Kapitano disse...

In the days leading up to the contest, the British media didn't talk much about the somewhat camp British entry. Or the rather camp French entry. They talked about the Ukranian entry!

A drag queen singing lyrics that Kraftwerk could have written, backed by dancers in pseudo-military uniform, all covered in silver lamé. Great Stuff.

As for the Serbian song, I liked it, but expected them to get no votes - because none of the band were pretty in a traditional way.

My Portugese to English translation software refuses to translate "Pimba". But whatever it means, the Armenian entry was worse.

Minge disse...

Dear Marija realised her fantasy, live on stage, to be grabbed and groped by all those feminine lovelies!

Are you disappointed, Ric, that Portugal didn't make it to the final? I was.

And I wanted Ukraine to win. Did you read my Eurovision post?

RIC disse...

Dear friends!
Thank you very much for your comments!
As to «pimba», I'm sure your software, Captain, won't translate it. It's slang and means - more or less - «tacky as can be». That is, it's the worst kind of Portuguese pop music ever...
So, Minge, I'm not disappointed that Portugal was thrown away: the song was dreadful! And yes, I did read your post on the Contest; I just didn't have the time to comment.
My best regards to you all!

T-Bird disse...

Kristeva refused to finish her lunch today. She wanted to play and would not focus on eating.

RIC disse...

Hello Will!
Sorry for responding only now...
Yes, Kristeva can be some times ill-mannered... Having a teacher as her owner doesn't help her much in her education, does it?...
Thanks! :-)