quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2007

A few American «features»?

Hoplomania?… (From ‛όπλον - weapon)

The USA are no longer a land of pioneers. The whole mythology of the Far West, of Indians and cowboys fighting one another, of outlaws everywhere simply should be banned.
Keeping guns at home cannot be compatible with a civilised society. A 200 year old constitutional right cannot be the poor excuse. If anyone can get a gun as a «prize» for opening a bank account (maybe – wishfully – not in every State!), why all the awe about deeds like the Virginia Tech massacre?
You tell me!

Pyromania?… (From πΰρ - fire)

Main characters in hundreds and hundreds of American movies are arsons, explosions, and huge fires. No «action» movie really does without them.
Is there somehow an American cultural pyromania or – which would be a lot worse! – pyrophilia? Or is it a trauma dating back to the days when whole wooden cities could be blown away by dreadful fires?
You tell me!

Tichomania?… (From τεϊχος - wall)

Please follow my reasoning: Berlin, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Gaza, and now Baghdad… Is there a pattern here?
For sure, we all know this: administrations and governments do make awful mistakes that in many cases aren't at all sanctioned by those of us, anonymous citizens, who in honest conviction elected them. But… Isn't it a little bit too much to try and solve serious problems between peoples by building up walls? Can any kind of segregation be understood as a democratic way of dealing with human rights issues?
You tell me!


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The Thunderbird disse...

Well, we still are a land of pioneers, but the ones with guns are NOT pioneers (I am totally agreeing with you).

They showe a bunch of collage student mormon kooks who carry guns. totally insane and belong in a nut house. one was a guy in a wheel chair who said he needs one becasue he is in a wheel chair -- so here he is wheeling around campus with T W O guns strapped to his waist. I would REFUSE to attend that university.

Anónimo disse...

Eu digo-te que tens toda a razão em colocar estas questões.
Digo-te que não encontro justificação para estas atitudes ridiculas.
Digo-te que espero viver tempo suficiente para ver tudo isto tornar-se passado.
Digo-te que todos os dias tento lutar para que as "coisas" mudem.
Enfim, digo-te que todos temos de agir de alguma maneira, por exemplo como tu estás a agir ao colocar estas questões no teu blog.
Grande abraço

JoeL disse...

Hey Ric,

How are you?

I agree with everything you said.
I feel more and more priviledged to be a Canadian.

What scares me is our gouv. is trying to gain the "respect" of the US.

lampejo disse...

Pena que assim seja...
A humanidade teima em não aprender com os erros do passado... :(

leone disse...

Hi Ric
Have you heard of this blog 'tagging' lark? I've just 'tagged' you - please pop over to my place if you're interested.

Have a great weekend!

Leone x

Biby Cletus disse...

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Warm Regards

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Anónimo disse...

Meu caro Ric
tudo isto, infelizmente, deixou de ser mania, para se transformar em hàbito, maus hábitos.
E nada pior que maus hábitos em casa de gente que se julgam os reis do mundo; dão tristes resultados.
Onde vamos parar?

dondon009 disse...

Ric, my dear friend.... I hope you realize that not all Americans agree with the politics of the current administration and that a majority of Americans do not carry guns.

It's unfortunate that the minority has such an impact on the news and in our lives.

I also totally agree with you and sincerely hope that you understand that a great deal of charity, compassion and love also flows from the heart of America.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Gumby disse...

Dear Ric, there are those here in the USA who see the insanity as it is, just the way you do.