quarta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2006

II. A thought for today

After a humble homage to Quebecois cinema in the person of its director Denys Arcand specially dedicated to our blogger friend Joel in Montreal, Canada, here comes on an unbelievable storm in the person of one of the most hilarious, versatile British female comedians – Catherine Tate.

If by misfortune – I dare say – you haven't watched yet this breathtaking example of what we "down here" call British humour, please do yourselves a favour – and a treat – and watch it.
Man! She is really great! We have been watching it for a while now on channel 2: every Sunday evening. It is indeed a fresh air blow over the sad, grey landscape of our public television, as far as good quality humour is concerned.
So please, help yourselves of…

"I don't kiss and tell. I shag and shout!"

To our blogger friends in the United Kingdom – Minge and Kapitano!
With all my friendship.


8 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

I've caught a couple of Catherine Tate's and she is very funny. I'm not sure BBC America is still showing it or not though.

RIC disse...

Hello Brian! Isn't she fabulous? For me her best character is the old woman: just unbelievable.
I've had my laughs these last few Sunday evenings, that's for sure!

kevin disse...

British comedies are always classics i think. American ones just dont have that edge i think.

What are Portuguese comedies like?

Kev in NZ.

PS. I dont mind your curiosities.

Gray disse...

I'm unable to find a current listing for Miss Tate's show. Wikipedia says it might be on a seasonal break.

Alas, I'll have to see if my local video store has anything of hers.

Oh, and indeed I agree with Kevin. American comedies for the most part are lacking "the edge" of British comedies!

RIC disse...

Hello Kevin! They are indeed! I won't ever forget that amazing long series picturing daily life in France occupied by the Germans in WW2: «Hallo, hallo!» Absolutely fantastic. The quality of the humour shows in the astonishing way the difficult subject is dealt with. I still have good laughs whenever I remember it.
Thank you for not minding my curious being!... (The truth is I hate being indiscreet.)

RIC disse...

Hello Gray! Oh that woman is superb! Top quality as a comedian!
I couldn't tell which is better, British or American, as there are different types and kinds in both countries. They're just different.
If/when you get to watch her, you'll have a wonderful time, I'm sure.
Thanks a lot!

Minge disse...

So I guess it still makes sense and is funny in Portuguese.

Cath is going to be in the Doctor Who Christmas special: The Runaway Bride.

I'll upload a trailer to my blog (if I can find one) so you can see what it's like.

RIC disse...

Hello Minge! Oh yes, definitely! Some characters' success depend mainly on regional accents or «fashionable» ways of speaking, but since we can watch it with subtitles, I can follow (more or less). When the story itself or the dialogues are most important, then it's quite easy and most funny!
That sentence was said last Sunday by the girl who works in the hospital and is always thinking about doing it...
She's rather good indeed!