quarta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2006

Lisbon guests' «entrance hall»

Memories of past glories still alive on many tile panels as this one.
(The very first panels go as far back as the 17.th century)

Augusta Street Arch (detail). This street leads to the very heart of Lisbon's «Baixa» (downtown): the Rossio Square

Lisbon guests' «entrance hall»: Praça do Comércio (Commerce Square), also known as Terreiro do Paço (Palace Ground, its name before the 1755 earthquake)

A night view of the Arch

As our journey progresses we're getting nearer to the very heart of Lisbon, the medieval core of the city that couldn't resist the devastating earthquake that shook Lisbon in the morning of November 1.st 1755. A huge fire right after the tremendous event consumed everything that might still be saved... The whole centre of Lisbon had to be rebuilt during the second half of the 18.th century.

8 comentários:

Shadow disse...

Sintra no coração, Lisboa na alma!

Boa noite :-)

Joel disse...

You know you're getting me more and more excited to see this city!?

If you keep it up you will have a guest for New Years!? lol

You know you'd be my first trip to Europe!?

I wouldn't mind it, actually I'd love it!?

RIC disse...

Boa noite, Shadow!
É uma boa forma de esclarecer sentimentos.
Sintra, para mim, é mais um espaço mítico e romântico. Adoro-a e sempre que a visito sinto-me fora do tempo.

RIC disse...

Well, I really don't know what to think... I can assure you though I'm no tourism operator...
How come you've never been to Paris? Or London? That is something a bit strange, if you've been interested in coming over to Europe, I guess... :-)

Jacky disse...

Well now Lisbon looks very beautiful!

RIC disse...

Have you already seen the previous sets of pictures (some days ago)? You'd be surprised, Jacky, I guess... :-)

Shadow disse...

Devo confessar que fico parca em adjectivos, quando falo de Sintra. Mas, também sou suspeita, né? :-)

(Esclarece-me, pf. Chegaste a perder os dois minutos? )

RIC disse...

... Sorry, not yet... Entre pesquisar, escrever e «blogar» esqueci-me de várias sugestões, entre elas, a tua...
Prometo fazê-lo de seguida! «Fui!»