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The Chinese Boar - My commented version...

Our dear blogger friend Minge, while recently travelling about in the Empire of the Rising Sun, asked us whether or not we knew anything about the Chinese Zodiac. Of course, right after that conversation across three continents, everyone went googling for their respective animals, depending on the birth year. Here is what I obtained, with my personal comments added. Enjoy!

Boars are self-reliant, very sociable, dependable, and extremely determined.

– Oh yeah, you bet! We're beautiful people indeed!

Boars are peace lovers and don't hold grudges. They hate arguments, tense situations, and try to bring both sides together.

– And then we just get caught in the middle… That's our pay…

In life Boars make deep and long-lasting friendships.

– That's really the best of it all!

Boars enjoy social gatherings of all kinds, and look for parties to attend.

– Stay at home washing dishes?! No way! Let's party right now!

Boars must watch themselves so that their incessant pursuit of pleasure doesn't interfere with other aspects of their lives.

– Well… Some times we exceed ourselves a little bit. We're so hedonistic.

Boars belong to clubs and make terrific fund raisers. They have a real gift for charity and social work.

– That's really nothing, please don't mention it…

Boars always listen to problems. They won't mind getting involved and try to help.

– So much so that we tend to forget ours own…

Boars have big hearts. They are too innocent and naïf, honest and trustworthy. They have a hard time understanding the motives of those with fewer scruples.

– Sometimes so much goodness turns easily into imbecility…

Boars do not dazzle or shimmer. They possess the old-fashioned chivalry that grows on you until you totally depend on it.

– Yeah, we enjoy a lot keeping a seductive low profile…

It is so easy to trust Boars. They have a calm expression and a sincere manner.

– That's just the way we are! No more, no less.

Boars are blessed with endurance and work steadily at tasks with great patience until completion.

– Okay, but we're often led by our huge stubbornness.

Once Boars arrive at a decision nothing stops them. Of course, before they reach that decision they weigh all the pros and cons. They definitely want to avoid complications. Sometimes they ponder so long they miss the opportunity altogether. But never mind, because they always believe in miracles, and miracles always happen to them.

– Once we say no, there's just no way back… If miracles do happen to us it's a whole different matter.

Fortune favours Boars. They always find someone to help them without having to beg.

– If we truly believed that, we'd be long extinct…

In romance, if not careful, Boars may be taken advantage of.

– There's always a s.o.b. or a mf. ready to con us…

Boars trust everyone and believe everything they hear.

– You see?! We're really quite stupid!

Boars are unselfish and enjoy helping their friends.

– What wouldn't we do for a beloved friend?

Although Boars are gullible, they are actually quite intelligent and know how to take care of their own.

– Well, we have to, don't we?

If you hurt their feelings, Boars often carry the pain for years.

– Please, don't ever test us on that; you'd be sorry forever!

Boars have a hard time saying no to those of concern. Often they wish they had said no.

– … But it's so hard… We just like them so much, you know…

Boars will always be looking for ways to work off all their extra energy.

– … Until exhaustion or madness…

Boars work and play hard; even if they lose everything, they manage to bounce back.

– Yeah, we're definitely a bit crazy, but we manage to keep our heads on…

Their life path supplies them with all they need.

– Wishful thinking? We tend to avoid it, but…

The Chinese believe Boars own the Horn of Plenty.

– We wish, oh yes, we do wish so much they were actually right…

… And you, dear blogger friends, do you have any idea about the animal corresponding to your birth year? Tell us all about it!
(Minge will be home from Japan today, I think…)

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Kapitano disse...

I am also a Pig (or Boar).

PIG: You are a splendid companion, an intellectual with a very strong need to set difficult goals and carry them out. You are sincere, tolerant, and honest but by expecting the same from others, you are incredibly naive. Your quest for material goods could be your downfall. The Pig would be best in the arts as an entertainer, or possible a lawyer.

Well, that describes me. But, as a Capricorn, I'm skeptical.

The 12 animal signs rotate yearly, but there are also 5 elemental signs (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth) which rotate. So everyone actually has a combination like Fire+Tiger or Water+Dog.

I'm Metal+Pig - aparantly the Metal makes me useful but sad, and the Pig makes me loyal but nieve.

There a good wikipedia article about it.

RIC disse...

(Immediate conclusion: you're twelve years younger than me, which matches my «suspicions».)
I had heard about the 5 elements, but didn't know how that combines.
I'm Taurus + Libra, which seems to be advantageous to me for the role Libra plays opposite to many odd things of Taurus... Do you know your ascendent sign as well?
All you need his exact hour and place of birth. There's a site where you can even get your astral/celestial (?) chart drawn.
And now I'm checking my Chinese element. We're both earth in the Western Zodiac.
Btw (or not), browsing through some posts on your blog I came across interesting texts that I want to read later more attentively. :-)
Oh, thanks for the link! This way others can search for their own animals and elements.

castor disse...

Being a goat (or sheep, or lamb), as I told you already in my comment to your recent post, here is the proof: "The most compatible match for a Goat is the Pig or the Rabbit." :-)

RIC disse...

The more I read about this kind of wisdom, the more I'm inclined to admit there's definitely something «under the sun»...
As for the compatibilities, who dares to doubt? Or to affirm it? I wouldn't...
Thanks a lot, Hans!

Joel disse...

I'm a libra/Leo and a monkey. I don't remember what it says, but I know I'm good in arts and if not mistaken, harmony.

I didn't know about the element, I'll have to check it out!?

kapitano, does that mean you have a pigheadded of steel? lol


Rian disse...

I'm a fire dragon which is considered to one of the most powerful and lucky Signs of the Chinese Zodiac. haha!

This is a giving, intelligent and tenacious Sign that knows exactly what it wants and is determined to get it. LMAO!

This Sign is truly blessed, too; Dragons are considered to be very lucky in love! That crack's me up.

The Dragon's friends are always keen to hear what this firebrand has to say and when it comes to dispensing advice, the Dragon has the floor. Well, THIS is true

I would have agreed to all points two years ago. But currently??? I don't think so.

Other than that I'm a cancer/geminii, but because I'm very close to leo, I have the bad behaviours of cancer AND leo, which is a bad combo.

RIC disse...

Hello Joel! Yes, you're definitely good at harmony! I've seen some fine examples of it already! And Libra is ruled by the Moon, which has everything to do with arts. The way you choose your phtos is proof of that talent...
(Are you happy and proud now?...) :-)

RIC disse...

Man, Rian, you're lucky indeed! And wise too! You just cannoy stay attached to «conjunctural details»... It's the big picture that matters, and it seems to me you agree with it.
There must be something to all this, or else not so many people would go for it, either in the East or the West... I don't know... I'm just an incorrigible rationalist...
Greetings, Rian!

Knottyboy disse...

I'm year of the monkey. It frightens me to think that the first Chinese astrology I read about my monkey sign was that monkeys usually die in accidents. Nice, just what I needed to hear. So I live with a crash helmet at all times, even on the toilet.

RIC disse...

You did make me laugh, Kb, but I'm just not buying it... Sorry! At all times?! Lie to me; I just love it! And nobody's complaining?... Ever?... I know I most certainly would! Not even when...?
Nothing prevented you from rebuilding your bathroom, so you aren't that scared. Oh yes! Remembering «Jaws» in a swimming-pool???!!! Those were my best laughs of the day! What a marvellous sense of humour you have, Kb! Well, your nickname speaks for itself indeed!
Thanks a lot! :-)

Minge disse...

All you men are animals!


RIC disse...

Where the hell are you, Minge?! Nobody knows where you are!
Sorry? «All you men»???!!! Have you done something in Japan to yourself you shouldn't have done at all and might bitterly regret?!
Oh my God! I'm so confused and so scared...
I believe you'll have to explain yourself quite thoroughly... You won't escape me, Minge-san! :-)

RIC disse...
Este comentário foi removido por um gestor do blogue.
Minge disse...

Boar/pig - animals, simply!

Gumby disse...

I'm a boar too!!!

RIC disse...

... Aren't we all, Minge?... Even without mystical comparisons?... :-)

RIC disse...

So I guess you're a lucky guy, Gumby! :-)