terça-feira, 26 de setembro de 2006

The mixture which is me...

Time for an upgrade! So I guess I'm going to offer you some eye‑candy… Yeah, yeah, it was a huge success last week, I still remember, but my concern is a mere linguistic one. (Some times I just adore lying…)

Classical Greek – Κάλοι άνθρωποι·
Danish – Vakkere menn!
Dutch – Mooie mannen!
English – Handsome men!
Esperanto – Belaj viroj!
Finnish – Kaunit miehet!
French – Beaux hommes!
German – Hübsche Männer!
Indonesian (Bahasa) – Lelaki terindah!
Italian – Uomini belli!
Latin – Viri pulchri!
Modern Greek – Óμορφα άτομα!
Polish – Piękne ludzie!
Portuguese – Homens belos!
Rumanian - Frumosii oameni!
Russian – Красивые мужчины!
Spanish – ¡Hombres hermosos!
Swedish – Vackra man!
Turkish – Guzel erkekler!

If you happen to detect any mistake, please feel free to correct it. I'd be most obliged. Or – even better! – you may just know how to say it in Albanian or Czech or Inuit
(Once again, thank you very much, Rob!)

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Rian disse...

The only thing I could add would be Swabian, but it's not a language, just a German dialect: "Scheene Mannsbilder".

By the way, "Mannsbilder" in Swabian just means "men", although a non-Swabian German speaker would assume it means "pictures of men".

ΣΚΕΨΕΙΣ disse...

Γειά σου καλέ μου άνθρωπε.Ωραίε τύπε.

RIC disse...

Hallo Rian! Wirklich?! Wieso? Und «Man», wie heisst es? «Mannbild»? Ausserordentlich!
Gut, dass du es erklärt hast. Ich hätte sofort an die postierten Bilder gedacht, natürlich!
Vielen Dank, Rian!

RIC disse...

there's a comment from Athens, Greece, by SKEPSIS, most certaimly a photographer. His blog exhibits marvellous photos from Greece and some other funny visual stuff.

With a BIG help from Altavista, here's what I could come to:

Γειά σου καλέ μου άνθρωπε. Ωραίε τύπε.
Hi you, my good person. Beautiful type.
Allo à toi, ma bonne personne. Beau type.

(Is this, by some intervention of the Olympic gods who live up high, correct?... I wonder...)

Rian disse...

Ric, I know that it sounds confusing, hence I added the explanation. Ich dachte, du als Linguist findest das vielleicht interessant.

One man is "a Mannsbild", a woman is "a Weibsbild". Look here.

Karla disse...

E porque não chinês? Ok, admito que dificilmente se encontram homens belos chineses ... E árabe? Morenos de olhos vivos :))

RIC disse...

Vielen Dank, Rian! Es interessiert mich sehr sogar. Und dann ist es «obendrein» noch neutrum!!! DAS Mannsbild??? Daran hätte ich ganz und gar nicht gedacht. Ich bin sprachlos...
Sprachen sind eigentlich ganze Weltalle...

RIC disse...

Querida Karla! De que falamos? Das línguas listadas ou das fotos em anexo?... (lol!)
Claro, eles! Prometo que estarei mais atento ao elemento extra-caucasiano, até porque tenho ideia de já ter visto uns exemplares extremo-orientais que... Quanto ao universo árabe, os tempos não estão nada de feição: um bloguista britânico a trabalhar no Golfo Pérsico foi obrigado pelo patrão a apagar o blog inteiro (nove meses pelo mundo mais fotos incríveis) por ser... homossexual. (Nota: a mãe dele, em Inglaterra, lia os posts todos os dias...)
Gira história, não é?...
Prometo atentar na sugestão!

Ricardo disse...


Really good!!!

My dear, I'll try to wrigth in english sometimes to improve it!
So, forgive me if I wrote something terrible for your eyes!


RIC disse...

No, Ricardinho, you didn't write anything terrible for my eyes, don't worry! This is just like gymnastics or football: you just have to keep on training.

Gostaste? Pois... Também eu! Se quiseres ver mais deste género e destes modelos ou de outros, de actores, de desportistas, vai ao «Bent» (clica no meu blogroll em Rob): é verdade! Até há brasileiros! Hmmm! (Não há nada porno.)
Um beijão e um abração!

Shadow disse...

Por acaso, Ric, queres que fique diabética?... Com tais «doces», só pode!!!


RIC disse...

São docinhos, não são?...
Olá Carla! Está tudo bem?
E não te preocupes com a diabetes, porque não é por comeres destes doces que a vais desenvolver. Outras coisas poderiam surgir, mas diabetes? Não!

Fourhorsemen disse...


I posted the answer to the mystery band.

Requires a fast connection to hear the mystery band record the smash single that makes their identity obvious.

Gray disse...

Oh my! I'm hyperventilating! Kevin Peak has such beautiful eyes - and *those* lips!! I'm in love again (from the top of his head down to his cute green and yellow Speedos and beyond!

castor disse...

zu Mannsbild / Weibsbild :

Der Genauigkeit halber > ahd. Verbum: "biliden" = "bilden", im Sinne von: einer Sache, Gestalt und Wesen geben.
Luthers Form ist "Weibesbild" > Blütezeit des Wortes "Weibsbild" ist das 16.Jh. Im 17./18. Jh. sinkt es langsam in niedrigere Schichten des Schrifttums, im 19. Jh. wird es auf die Mundarten zurückgedrängt ...

Siehe Friedrich Kluge, "Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache", Berlin 1963

Joel disse...

Well the first one is totally for me!? hehehe

RIC disse...

Thanks, Fourhorsemen! I'll be checking the band's single really soon. (Hope my connection is good enough...)

RIC disse...

Hello Gray! Aren't we all?...
Yes, they are the cute Kevin Peak and the awesome Ian Lawless (who has a divine smile... though you can only see a shadow of it on this photo...).
For more - and perhaps better - photos of Kevin, check «Bent» (click in my blogroll on Rob). I'm pleased to please my friends! :-)
All the best!

RIC disse...

Hallo Hans!
Nochmals vielen Dank für deina Korrektur! Herzlichen Dank für die ausführliche Erklärung von «Mannsbild». Etymologisch und historisch betrachtet wird es viel einfacher zu verstehen. übrigens, du sagtest vor kurzem, du habest Slawistik studiert: kannst du slawische Sprachen? Eine? Mehrere? Welche? Kannst du vielleicht unsere Liste erweitern? (Bin schon gespannt!)
Bis nachher! :-)

RIC disse...

Sure, Joel! I'm here to please my friends! His name is Ian Lawless, and you can see a lot more of him at «Bent» (click in my blogroll on Rob...). You'll find out he has a fabulously beautiful smile... À en mourir, je t'en assure! Il est beau comme le soleil! Prends-le et garde-le bien! (lol!)
Ça va, Joël? :-)


Ian Lawless is literally breathtaking. His naked campaign for the Lacoste cologne made me wanna buy it.

RIC disse...

Hello Augusto! Nice of you to leave a comment!
On the photo I've posted you only get so see a shadow of his fabulously beautiful smile. All the other photos of him at «Bent» are magnificent.
I know there's a Lacoste cologne for some time now, but just didn't look for it. Do you like it? Hope so! Just to remember him by... Wow! That would be SO great! I guess I'll look for it.
All the best for you, Augusto! (I believe you're my first blogger friend ever - since mid June, I'd say.) :-)

Minge disse...


RIC disse...

They are, aren't they?... Hmmm...
«Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ian Lawless and Kevin Peak!»
Different types, but both incredibly gorgeous... I just couldn't resist... :-)