terça-feira, 29 de agosto de 2006

The Feeling Meme

Superlatives in life are quite difficult to pinpoint. At least for me they are. Events and experiences become relative as time goes by. And the older you get the less absolute everything gets in life. Both for the better and for the worse…
I'll do my best anyway, and promise to be truthful in my answers.

1. The most joyful I have ever felt: One morning some years ago, when I woke up and was in those first moments absolutely convinced my best friends were alive, so vivid had been the dream I'd had that night.

2. The angriest I have ever felt: As we say around here I «boil in little water» (yes, my fuse is short); I get easily angry, but soon everything is back to normal.

3. The most at peace I have ever felt: When I realised for the first time that the only way my departed friends and mother would stay alive was through my remembering of the best moments I had spent with them.

4. The most shocked I have ever felt: the several times I had to go through the process of being told that my mother or my friends had passed away.

5. The most embarrassed I have ever felt: Many times, as I'm short-sighted and not the best observer in the world. So I've gone by many people I absolutely should notice and greet without seeing them at all. Important people, I should add.

6. The saddest I have ever felt: The instant I realised what a doctor had just told me some minutes before: due to the cancer's origin affecting my mother, no operation would ever save her.

7. The most frightened I have ever felt: A few times, always due to serious changes in my life of which I thought I wouldn't be able to deal with.

I got this meme from Hanuman1960, «Chai and Sympathy». Or maybe I should say «at»… No, don't be mean to me: I didn't steal it, no way! He's fully aware I'll be posting it one of these days. Not exactly when though… I'll tell him, of course.

8 comentários:

Joel disse...

Just a tad!?

That is what you give us!?

I'm surprised you decided to do this!?

But I'm still glad you did!?

Know I'm there if you need!?

RIC disse...

Sorry, Joel, but nothing in this comment of yours makes any sense to me... Sorry, but I just don't get it.
What did I do? Wrong, I guess?

Shadow disse...

Hum...Será que entendi?

Curioso,fiquei com um 'sabor' a não-sei-quê...

Have a nice week :-)

André disse...

Perder a mãe e os melhores amigos é a maior dor que eu consigo conceber. Tenho muita pena...

RIC disse...

Olá André!
Obrigado! Até as almas revoltadas com a vida o tempo consegue serenar. Hoje, «vou levando». Mas há dias muito duros.
Um grande abraço!

Have a nice week yourself!

Joel disse...
Este comentário foi removido por um gestor do blogue.
Joel disse...

You did nothing wrong, I'm teasing!?

RIC disse...

Okay then, you were teasing me. Some times I get it, others don't.