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The Celtic Zodiac


Falling most willingly, I admit, into Minge's trap, there I was all over those pages, reading about ancient traditions of one of the least known European cultures of the past. The Celts have been around here too, so I got all the more curious.

Foretelling the future is a form of wisdom common to most peoples on Earth. The particular and sometimes peculiar way each and every people has done it tells us a lot about character, customs, behaviours, attitudes, and so on, of peoples and days gone by. So it is also a lesson in psychology and history, and I'm always eager to learn. But as far as horoscopes are concerned, I'm a hopeless rationalist as not to fall under their spell… I just cannot find a way to believe in them.

The Willow symbolizes the female and rhythms of the circle.

- Well... That first symbolism is no preference of mine. It's definitely not my cup of tea.

This tree was sacred to the Moon and, in Celtic lore, the Universe was hatched from two crimson serpent eggs (which contained the Sun and the Earth) hidden among the boughs of the Willow.
Hens' eggs were later substituted for those of the serpent and symbolically eaten as part of the Beltane feasting. This ritual was eventually transferred to the celebration of Easter in the Christian calendar with the eggs becoming Easter eggs.

– This was unknown to me. The ancient Easter tradition in the Iberian Peninsula, or at least in Portugal, has always had to do with eggs, not with hares or bunnies. Fascinating!

Always known as a «tree of enchantment», the Willow is reported to have bestowed the mystic gift of eloquence upon Orpheus when he visited the sacred grove of Persephone at the Temple of Delphi in Greece.

Physical Goal: To encourage a comfortable relationship with the material world, which is full of lessons and cycles of changing values. Change is paramount for growth… and values are no exception.

Mental Goal: To gain understanding of a particular concept… a steady accumulation of facts is the foundation of understanding. Not everything may be learned in one lesson… the key is repetition.

Spiritual Goal: To learn that there must be periods of rest rather than continual activity.

Some Famous Willow People: Charlotte Bronte, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Conan O'Brien, William Shakespeare (!) and Leonardo da Vinci (!).

In general, Willow individuals are basically articulate, strong-willed, resourceful, and possessed with excellent memories.

- Oh this is all so very true... (Lol)

They touch upon all aspects of nature and its association with the Moon. Emotional and enigmatic, Willow people respond quickly to situations but are prone to sudden mood changes, which can make them difficult to get to know. Being shrewd and practical, they can be brilliant inventors but are also drawn to the unexplained mysteries of life. As a friend, the Willow individual can be a powerful ally… on the other hand, he or she can make for a formidable enemy.

- See?! Don't you ever pull my leg, or else...

Willows have a type of passive tenacity and can be extraordinarily wise counsellors and extremely nurturing parents who are protective of loved ones.

For the most part, Willows are incredibly difficult to get to know due to the type of «veil» over their personalities, which hides a great deal. Their sense of humour is not always easy to define and tends to «come and go» depending upon the occasion.

Blessed with a potential wisdom that makes them wise advisors, they are usually valued members of society. Willow individuals usually marry at a young age and close personal relationships are of the utmost importance. Since the Moon has always been associated with those who can influence the public with the force of their personality… either good or bad… the Willow individual is usually one to be reckoned with.

Willows are usually employed in very responsible positions but find it hard to settle upon a definitive career.
– Oh so damned true…

If the career choice should be in the field of education, however, they are counted among the best teachers.
– Thank you very much! Twenty years is time enough though for one to get finally convinced of his talents... (Lol)

Willow individuals seldom express a controversial opinion in public (which makes them appear very amiable) but privately, their views are usually strong one way or the other.
– Absolutely, I couldn't agree more. Just as if I were looking at myself in a mirror.

Willows must learn how to trust their inner voice or they can become moody and chronically indecisive.
– Alas, this is quite true as well…

There are two distinct types of Willow individuals (a division which relates to all Celtic Tree Signs). The «new moon» character is associated with the first two weeks of a sign and the «full moon» character is associated with the last two weeks.

The «full moon» Willow individual tends to disregard advice, even though his or her own reasoning power often lacks credibility. The «full moon» Willow is, however, the more resourceful of the two types and is blessed with an even more exceptional memory than his or her «new moon» counterpart.
- You just cannot have it all, can you?...

Born between May and May

Those born between these two dates also fall under the lesser influence of a secondary tree… the Poplar, whose motto is «Overcome Doubt» or «The Uncertainty». Poplar individuals have a decorative appearance but tend lack self-confidence. They are prone to mature very quickly and assimilate things equally as quickly.
Displaying courage only when absolutely necessary and hostile only toward extremists, the narrow-minded or hotheads, Poplar people prefer the goodwill of others and pleasant surroundings.
This individual can be somewhat choosy, is often lonely and may harbour great animosity toward others.
Artistic by nature, they are good organizers who lean toward philosophy.
Reliable in almost any given situation, Poplar people cherish their friends and surround them with love.
They take partnerships very seriously but are inclined to be generous only toward those who are generous in return.
If the Poplar perceives a warm and friendly atmosphere, then the heart and spirit opens… if not, then he or she will withdraw.

- I'm simply the best! Oh yeah...

... Even if I'm not much of a believer myself, here is another little bit of me; others will follow...

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