segunda-feira, 31 de julho de 2006

«Girl with a Pearl Earring» (2003)

Scarlett Johansson

Colin Firth

by Peter Webber

Eduardo Serra, director of photography

«Man, this guy must have been hibernating for a rather long time! Just look what the dude's now posting about! Yeah, he's lost it.»

... And so on, and so forth. Well, maybe I was hibernating, maybe I wasn't. For all that matters, that's none of your business, if I may be so blunt.
When it was released I missed it. (That's all you need to know by now.) I could have watched it later on DVD, but as far as cinema is concerned that's not my cup of tea at all. I will always miss the wide, wide screen whenever works of art are at stake. There's nothing I can do about it...
Summer is the right time for movie theatres to go through their archives and surprise us, cinephiles, with masterpieces that won't ever fade away. And this is what happened today as to close the weekend in lavishing beauty. I must thank the gods up above for this opportunity!
A whole lot of subjects, issues, matters, things - you name it - seem to come together in this film: the Golden, century Netherlands, Dutch painting in general, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Vermeer, Delft and its porcelain industry, Dutch tolerance, a grown-up bourgeoise society long before the French Revolution... Jawel, de nederlandse taal ook, though through a magnificent British accent I love so much. All in all, a fascinating journey to Paradise where your eyes get a king's exquisite treatment. Not to forget, that strange feeling as well you're watching the paintings you know as if they all had suddenly gained life! Awesome!

One last remark goes to photography. (Now you're all thinking: «yeah, yeah, we know the guy's Portuguese, you just had to mention him...») Well, I don't know if I had to. I only know I ought to. He does deserve it indeed! I don't think chiaroscuro painting techniques are something you can easily put and show with such artistry on film. Thus a word of apraisal to Eduardo Serra! As for the whole film, congratulations UK!

... And this marvelous weekend came to its end. Writing, blogging, giving especial treats to my eyes, listening to music, chatting, sleeping, eating... turned this weekend into 48 hours to be remembered. As I've said somewhere before, this is what builds up my concept of happiness.

I wish you all a fruitful August's first week. Take care!

4 comentários:

Minge disse...

I haven't seen this film, though longed to. No-one would go to the cineam with me to see it.


Perhaps I should have gone with you, Ric.

RIC disse...

Definitely, Minge! I'm glad today I waited so long just to see it in a wide screen. Unbelievably beautiful! :-)

David disse...

Hi.Ric, I just watched this movie last weekend. It is great .I like it very much. its music and photograph is wonderful .and its story about artist! Holland is beautiful.I like the ancient city.

RIC disse...

How curious, David! It is indeed a masterpiece of light and shadow... I'm so glad you had the chance to watch it. And I just had to watch it on a wide screen. That's why I waited so long for a chance... :-)