sexta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2007

A few of my favourite things…

Laughing – so hard my face hurts – with good friends.
A long, warm shower.
Falling in love all over again.
Almost no one at the supermarket.
A special glance, a nod or a wink.
Getting (e-)mail.
Crossing the Tagus by ferry at sunset.
The morning sun on my face.
Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.
A large cup of aromatic coffee.
Wanking in bed after waking up from a wondrous dream.
A good, long conversation.
A long deserted beach.
Finding "forgotten" money anywhere around the house.
Laughing at myself.
Fresh bed linen.
Diving in the ocean on a hot summer day.
Giggling and laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about me.
Waking up and realising I still have a few hours left to sleep.
Having someone play with my hair.
Long, sweet dreams.
Good reading on a Saturday morning.
Swinging on swings just like in my childhood.
Making eye contact with a stranger.
The smell of freshly baked bread or of a toast.
Holding hands warm and firm.
Running into an old friend and realising that some things never change.
The expression on a friend's face as he's opening a present from me.
Watching the sunset.
Going for a walk on a foggy evening and enjoying the concentrated scents.
Getting out of bed in the morning and being grateful for another day with a purpose.
Knowing that somebody misses me.
Getting a hug from someone special.
Knowing I've done the right thing.

This list is closely inspired by a blogger friend's one.
Thanks a lot, Chris! Hopefully you won't mind so much that I stay so close to your «Natural Highs». Maybe that's a good omen…
And as I've been a little feverish these last few days, I guess you'll understand why this song came back to my mind all over again …
Yes, a little bit delirious… Back to my childhood…

«Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things.

Cream coloured ponies and crisp apple strudel
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favourite things.

Girls in white dresses and blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on your nose and eye lashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favourite things.

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don't feel so bad.»


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Fourhorsemen disse...

Nice list. So many insites into the man behind the words. Thank you.

Signed on under my old ID -- I use it to store images for use in the new site. 20 degrees and everything frozen solid. Spun in a half circle trying to go to work and since that hfaced me back towards home, that si where I went.

RIC disse...

Hello Will! I did tell you to be careful with snow - and ice! Brrr!!!
Do you see so many insights in such a list? Okay, behind the words... But that's no longer me who's saying it, it's you guessing...
Have a warm night sleep! :-)

Minge disse...

I thought you hated email and refused to answer them. I'm sure you once said so, here on your blog!

RIC disse...

This, dear Minge, is what you've read on August


I never read any emails unless they're correctly identified and/or I know in advance they're coming in.
Otherwise I just don't bother trying to figure out who the sender may be.



So if you're one of those concerned by this warning move on with your life, don't waste it, and try to do something really interesting.
I cherish my friends a lot and my leisure time too much as to waste it stupidly.»

This was a way to prevent some kind of spam. And as a matter of fact it worked.
Maybe you'd rather not be so assertive... I seldom contradict myself in serious matters.
Have a great day!

kevin disse...

Crossing the Tegus at sunset must be so beautiful. I crossed on the catamaran from Lisboa to Seixal (I think that is how it is spelt) many times during my visit to Portugal. I loved the crossing and i very often spoke to the hot sailor on the catamaran who spoke to me in broken English....

Everyone i met in Lisboa 7-8 years ago were good to me. I was astouded by Portugese friendliness. It is something that i will NEVER forget. As a result the Portugese people will always have a special place in my heart.

Do you know the small town of Seixal? I didnt find much out about it but i often took the catamaran there but never found out too much about the town.

Kev in NZ

RIC disse...

Hello dear Kevin!
Aha! So you were into Portuguese hot sailors, huh? No, I don't blame you at all, much on the contrary. Some are really fire hot...
Why often to Seixal? There's really nothing to see over there... It's filthy industrial. Weren't you being somehow advised as to the places you should visit?
I don't get it... Well, I think you must have enjoyed the river crossing. But you could have crossed over to Trafaria and from there you could have gone to Caparica and all the great ocean beaches...
I'm really glad - and thankful too - that everyone treated you nicely, dear Kevin. People always say hospitality is one of our virtues, but some times I have my doubts... It really feels great to read something like that! Thank you very much! I wish we'll go on deserving a special place in the heart of our visitors!
Hugs! :-)

MrTBear disse...

Yes, very well……… it seems that it does not lack anything. LOL
With one list so big, your days will be always full of favourite things. This is half way for happiness
I like happy people, they also make me happy.
(continuas a postar em inglês e vou ter de ir para a escola outra vez LOLOL)

RIC disse...

Olá Teddy Bear! E quem é que te obriga a comentar na língua do édito, hein?! Rsrsrs!
Acho que ainda faltam algumas coisas, mas nada de muito importante. Faço uma lista do que me for entretanto lembrando e depois faço um «upgrade» espaventoso... Rsrsrs!
São mesmo as pequenas trivialidades diárias que nos/me apontam o caminho para a felicidade, que em termos matemáticos pode ser definido como «+infinito»: tendemos para ela, mas nunca «lá chegamos»...
Abraço! :-)
(Just btw, great fluency in English! What would you need the school for anyway?...)

tiago lila disse...

que lista tão mimosa! :) apreciei, especialmente, a do 'acordar e aperceber-me que ainda tenho algumas horas para dormir'. é tãããão bom!!:) e having someone play with my hair (assim em inglês e tudo) é tão fofo. esqueceste-te foi do refrão. ou não te apetecia falar em coisas más? abraço**

Ricardo disse...

Meu lindo, adoro também todas essas coisas que vc colocou ai, exceto me apaixonar de novo! Quero ficar como estou! Apaixonado pelo Lê pra sempre!!!


RIC disse...

Não o viste, foi, Tiago?! Olha que ele está lá! A ti é que se calhar não te apeteceu lê-lo... Porque será?...
Talvez tenhas tu mais razões para não quereres ler sobre coisas más, quem sabe? Mas isso não é de todo assunto que me interesse.

RIC disse...

Olá Ricardinho! Assim é que é! Amor para sempre! Acredita que eu diria o mesmo, se... Até porque «em team vencedor não se mexe!»
Grande romântico!
Tudo de bom para ti!
Abrações e beijões! :-)

FletcherBeaver disse...

I sang it to you, Ric. I’m quite an accomplished singer, I guess I haven’t told you that before. I hope you heard “my favourite things” winging in on the cool breeze to you. Stay happy.

RIC disse...

Hello Chris! Great to hear from you again, dear friend! And finding you so high-spirited is a blessing indeed!
Well, something else bringing us closer, I'd say: singing, though I'm not accomplished at all. This cold I've got wouldn't allow me to try and sing not even the first line. So I do thank you for singing it to me, Chris! What a wonderful idea! I feel like a baby right now.
Stay happy you too!

Tongzhi disse...

Revejo-me em quase tudo dessa lista tão completa. Li algures que são as coisas simples... Mas não serão as coisas simples as mais saborosas?

RIC disse...

Olá Tongzhi! Se a deixasse «marinar» acho que ainda lhe acrescentaria mais umas coisitas...
Se se perder o gosto pelas pequenas coisas simples da vida, esta transforma-se rapidamente num frenesi imparável em busca de mais e mais, sem limite. Aí, não há como compensar as frustrações e o caos interior instala-se...
Para mim? Não, obrigado. As minhas coisinhas favoritas são preciosas...
Um abraço e bom fim-de-semana! :-)

Bruce disse...


Interesting list, but I think you've left a good deal of yourself out of it. From your posts we all know that you love to play with language and poetry plays an important part in your life. You also have a keen love for the city of lisbon and the Portuguese langauge and people. I think a person like you needs a list of at least 150 favorite things.

Shadow disse...

Se fizesse uma lista idêntica, partilharia muitas destas tuas pequenas (grandes) trivialidades aqui expostas. Não duvides!

Voltando um pouco atrás...
...Método Lasik, recuperação aproximada 8 dias, eficácia na ordem dos 90%, custo 1000€ (por olho) e uma reduzida percentagem de coragem. Que tal? «Bute» nessa? ;-)

Bom fim-de-semana. Beijinhos! :-)

dondon009 disse...

What amazed me most on reading this list was how easily most of us can identify and relate.

I kept saying to myself... me too, me too, me too!

With the exception of crossing the Tagus (which I have never done) I would most likely have printed the same list!

And the song.... wonderful memories!

Thank you for sharing.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


Bruno disse...

Esta esteve para ser a música da semana no blog, mas na versão portuguesa cantada pela Simone de Oliveira! eheheh Talvez para a próxima semana!
Bom fds

RIC disse...

Hello Bruce! Thank you very much for being so kind and gentle! As a matter of fact I only thought of those trivial little things of my daily life.
I think you're right when you say I must have left out some other important things to me. But I believe those few are already a part of myself, so I don't consider them so objectively anymore...
On the other hand, no, I don't want so many things as up to 150... That might turn my days into frentic competitions, and that is not my cup of tea at all! At least, not anymore...
Thank you, dear Bruce!
(Wie geht's dem Venedig im Regen?...) :-)

RIC disse...

Olá Carla! Passando além da brincadeira de hoje, também já ouvi falar do método Lasik. O tempo de recuperação é comum a várias hipóteses diferentes, como diferentes são também os preços...
A maior tranquilidade virá de alguém que se conheça e que tenha um historial clínico semelhante. Aí, não é necessária tanta coragem...
Acho muito bem! Pela minha parte, terei de aguardar mais um pouco, mas assim que possa avanço!
Um bom fim-de-semana para ti também!

RIC disse...

Hello Don! Yes, I agree with you: when I saw my friend's list for the first time the other day, I thought the same way too. Then I read it a few times, made some changes, erased some of his «highs», added some of mine, but generally speaking, all of the main things are there.
After all, we cannot be so different from one another, can we?
I love that song too...
Have a great weekend you too! :-)

RIC disse...

Olá Bruno! Excelente ideia! Sempre gostei muito da Simone de Oliveira. Acho que vivi os anos de ouro do chamado «nacional-cançonetismo», como ficou conhecido... Lembro-me de ser miúdo e de trautear uma canção dela que, ainda hoje, considero magnífica, ainda que menos conhecida: «Sol de Inverno»!
Belas recordações!...
Um abraço para ti e votos de um grande fim-de-semana!

pinguim disse...

Oh Ric
tanta "cumplicidade", Deus meu...

RIC disse...

Olá João! Referes-te, creio eu, a eventuais «coincidências», não é?
Parece - pelos comentários - que esta lista é mesmo bastante abrangente... Ainda bem!...
Tudo de bom para ti! :-)

pinguim disse...

Sim, claro, é isso mesmo.

RIC disse...

... Poder-se-á chamar a «isso» afinidades electivas... Sempre tem outro ar... :-)

tiago lila disse...

li e reli e continuo sem encontrar o refrão, de coisas más, em que dirias que te bastaria pensar em alguma das coisas ditas anteriormente para aliviar a dor. eu gosto de ler sobre coisas más e sobre coisas boas - normalmente, sobre coisas muito más e sobre coisas muito boas (sou bastante ponderado) :)

RIC disse...

Meu caro Tiago, a última estrofe transcrita é o refrão! «When the dog barks / When the bee stings», etc.
De facto, essa é a atitude sensata: não se pode reconhecer e amar o bom sem conhecer e abominar o mau. Não que eu seja maniqueísta ou goste de ver o mundo a preto e branco, mas em termos éticos e estéticos deve ser assim, considero eu... É louvável que sejas ponderado!
Um abraço!

JoeL disse...

Nice list!?

As for the song, You are so gay!? lol

I like it too!?

tiago lila disse...

eu dizia na parte que tu escreveste e não na canção original! :) e a parte do ponderado era ironia..boa semana:)

RIC disse...

Hello Joel! Thanks a lot for the great compliment! I do appreciate it! Do you know by chance any gay guy who doesn't LOVE «The Sound of Music»?! I don't! (Lol!)

RIC disse...

Meu caro Tiago! Agora creio que finalmente nos estamos a «sintonizar» um ao outro. Ainda bem! Tens razão. Não me lembrei desse aspecto. Mas sei porquê. É que eu parti da lista para este édito e só mais tarde é que me lembrei da canção. Prometo pensar no assunto com ternura...
Ah! E assumes que não és ponderado... Bem, atendendo à «faixa etária» até é razoável...

Gray disse...


May I take the liberty of adding one more?

Faceless, voiceless people with pseudonyms writing and/or leaving comments on a blog.

Thanks for the kind words you left for me, Ric!

P.S. My blog will be updated later today.

RIC disse...

Hello, my dear Gray! Oh yes, you are so right about that favourite thing of mine indeed you cannot even imagine how right you are...
I guess I wouldb'd be feeling so well these days if it weren't for this wonderful experience I'm having right now!...
You are most welcome, dear Gray!
Very well then! Thanks for the news! Updating one's blog is always a good idea, especially if there are interesting things to read about!
Wish you all the best!