sexta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2006

Journal of an Absence

Or "Ric Unplugged"…
You choose the version you prefer. I couldn't. It's quite apparent to me now that my kind of net connection – though quite satisfying in the city – doesn't work at all in some parts of the country. There simply is no network yet, so I've been told. This means I'll be absent for a week, which leaves me close to despair.

Monday, 13, Segunda

After doing what I was supposed to do today, the very first question on my mind was: What now? What shall I do? And all I was thinking about was blogging. Well, I guess I'll just have to get used to live without blogging for the next days… Is it so hard? As if it were an addiction? I was living before July, wasn't I? So? It is hard indeed!
Besides reading, there's a great 6-episode BBC series about Auschwitz on channel 2: starting this evening. I believe I've watched it last year when it was first released to celebrate the anniversary of the camp liberation by the Red Army. But there's so much to it! I'm sure it will be my late evening company all through this week. Oh yes, the series' name's
"Auschwitz. The Nazis and the 'Final Solution'."

Tuesday, 14, Terça

It was hard today to realise once again I'm out of the bloggosphere. Just like that. Today I would be celebrating online my fourth month on a row as a blogger… Oh well! What can I do? No candles to blow, no cake to share, no champagne to sip, no "many happy returns of the day" to thank for…
Even if all the rest is virtual, the exchange of feelings between bloggers isn't at all. And I miss that. So I guess I'm having the blues this evening. And TV won't help much either. Maybe a book will be my consolation…

Wednesday, 15, Quarta

Just to keep my mind off this unexpected absence I decided to do some wiping and cleaning… as far as my computer is concerned. So many files completely obsolete and useless. So much trash archived for no explainable reason or foreseeable purpose. It took me quite a while to go through all the stuff in store, but I did manage in the end, even if I've made some mistakes here and there, as usual… I didn't lose anything important though. I guess that's just me, that's just the way I am. And another day seems to be over and done with… I just can't wait until I'm back to the cosiness of my small big world… "See" you all back soon! Hopefully…

Thursday, 16, Quinta

Today all of you were with me. Names came to my mind as those of long missed friends: Portuguese, Brazilian, Argentinean, British, Canadian, American, New Zealand's… My work is almost done here, about 300 km away from home. Tomorrow will be my last day here. I can't believe that a week has almost gone by.

Friday, 17, Sexta

I had no idea of what a deaf-mute computer might be… Well, I guess I know now: my words will be stuck inside this computer until I get back online, and your posts are all beyond an invisible wall that will come down this weekend, I hope. This is quite an odd feeling…

And I'm back again! At last! Wow!!! Mwaaahhh for you all!!!

12 comentários:

Ricardo disse...

Ih, ficar sem internet, hoje em dia, é quase como ficar se água ou eletricidade!
Eu, por exemplo, fiquei sem água ontem... um saco!!!

Beijão e bem-vindo de volta!


Joel disse...

And where were you?

Don't you know you got us worried?

You could have been kill, hurt in a ditch somewhere.

Do you know what you've put your poor mother throught?


Welcome back!?

Where were you?

Don't ever leave like that again!?



O yeah, I forgot, I missed you!?

RIC disse...

És um amor, Ricardinho! É inacreditável! Aqui em Lisboa garantem-nos que a rede é «nacional»; saímos de Lisboa para o interior do país e... Nem pensar! «Aqui só há ligação por cabo telefónico. Essa coisa sem fios nem sabemos o que é...» Dá vontade de chorar, gritar, dormir a semana inteira...
Mas ficar sem água... «Minha nossa!» Nem pensar nisso é bom!
(Em breve terás uma visita. Quero comentar aquele quente conto...)
Beijão para ti também!

RIC disse...

Thank you so very much, mum... I mean... Joel! I'm so sorry for having to leave you all just like that... I'll promise to behave! Honestly I shall behave... (Lol!)
I was up north - freezing cold, without the warmth of my dearest blogger friends -, close to the Spanish border, a corner of the country I don't particularly like... Now even less...
I missed you too, Joel! Thank you!

Joel disse...

Aaaaaa Ric?

Your mom is minge!


This is your father talking

And #2 for his #2? hehehe

Carioca disse...

Bem-vindo de volta, meu amigo!
Um abraço!

RIC disse...

That's a good one, Joel! So Minge is my mother because I write «mum» the British way?... Lol&lol! And you're daddy?! How cute!... I couldn't be better treated after a week behind the mountains! You are just lovely!
(I'd better not think about it or else I'll soon reach the conclusion my parents are so much younger than me... Lol&lol!)
Have a wonderful Saturday! Btw, get ready: something in French is on its way... Surprise (for you)!

RIC disse...

Muitíssimo obrigado, Carioca!
Um abraço para ti também, amigão!
É bom estar de volta ao meu aconchego!

Gray disse...

Welcome back to the blogging world, Ric! So happy to read you again!

Now I do have a simple question: If Minge is your mum and Joel is your dad, what does that make me? Your illegitimate brother that was found in a basket at your front door?

Or worse yet, am I your distant Auntie? lol!

I am so happy that you are well!

RIC disse...

Oh Gray! Thank you so very much! Later today I'll be responding to your most kind e-mail.
As to this sudden «relatives' web» I really don't know what to say... I guess you can claim your preferred relationship. Definitely! But please, no illegitimate, no illegal, no basket, nothing of the kind! It has to be something beautiful! There's enough ugliness in this world already.
(Thank you for your latest post!)

Gray disse...

Well then! If I am not illegitimate then I must be your distant Auntie!

Oh my! A queen at last!


RIC disse...

Well, even if my family is a republican one, I've always said I have nothing against monarchy... Queens are just fabulous, aren't they? Always so chic! Welcome Auntie! (Lol&lol&lol!)