segunda-feira, 27 de novembro de 2006

II. Christmas...? Really?!

«I'm always the first one to say things for the second time».
Jean Cocteau

So am I, I think, but I don't care much about it. As it stands in my so‑called profile, I'm "unique but not original".

Within one month, Christmas will be over. I'm anticipating that day already. And I'll be glad at last. Till then I shall have to put up with the season's nonsense show: crazy hysteria, obscene consumerism, cretin commercials all over and at all times, ugly, ridiculous lights everywhere (some of them on since October!), inappropriate music playing out loud everywhere, and so on, and so forth. Shamelessly.

Only two verbs matter these days: buy and sell, and all their possible, thinkable synonyms. Instead of "to be" you feel compelled to conjugate the verb "to have". "The more you have, the more you are" seems to be the rule. Perhaps. Not for me though, thank you so very much.

My little corner of the world will be my safe refuge, my desert island. Till then I'll seek shelter in my inner world. There's so much to go through, again and again. I don't need more stupid goods. I have plenty as long as I'm at peace with myself and my fellow creatures. I pity today's children. They'll never know what true Christmas is really like.

Where has my childhood's Christmas gone to?
Who stole it from me? From us all?
Who turned it into a carnival, into a cheap porn show?

"Eight hundred fifty million – 850,000,000 – people, fellow creatures of mine, of us all, hunger everyday." In our century's world of abundance. Most of them face a death sentence that sooner or later will be mercilessly executed.

Don't talk to me about Christmas. I don't want to hear.


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Knottyboy disse...

Honey...I hear ya!!!
I was in Idaho Falls for a movie yesterday and all I could see was the glitz, lights and candy sweetness of a holiday I can't really stomach anymore. Gone are the illusions of a childhood christmas. I'm way to jaded and bitter to be sentimental about the holdiays of 'old'. I DO enjoy the company of my friends, playing games and sipping wine with those I call family. I really do love these people. That to me is the feeling of the holidays.

RIC disse...

Hello Knottyboy!
Well, the truth is a great poet died (post underneath), and I got angry and bitter. I agree with you, as far as the way I spend the day is concerned: with friends, having our kind of party. All the rest just leaves me cold, to say the least...
To friends!
Thanks a lot!

Joel disse...

Hi Ric,

I feel the same way. I don't need to receive anything if just a hug and a smile from a loved one.

Spend some time in their company.

I do love a parade. But it is way to commercial now.

E-mail me I want to ask you something.

Gumby disse...

I thought the naked consumerism at Christmas was a trait of the US. Sad to hear it goes beyond our borders.

RIC disse...

Hello Joel! I have nothing against the tradition of Christmas presents, that goes without saying, most specially as far as children are concerned. That's no problem for me. It's the stupid consumerism, this obsession of literally buying «this world and the next one», that drives me mad.
(I'll be checking my e-mail next.)
Thank you!
Wish you the best!

RIC disse...

Hello Gumby! This is - it seems to me, dear friend - another consequence of globalization. Of a different kind, no doubt, but still a consequence...
Thank you very much!
How´s your writing coming close to the end? I wish you the best luck!

Anónimo disse...

Uhm ... I like Christmas. Maybe I'm too naive?!
No, seriously. I can't stand the commercialization either, I don't jump on that train. But I DO like the Christmas decorations in the city (but not earlier than now), I like drinking mulled wine in the snow. And I like spending the holidays with my family ...

RIC disse...

Hello Rian! As Baroness Karen Blixen would put it (if she ever wrote about the subject): «I once had a Christmas of mine...» or something like that...
Some years ago I spent Christmas with friends in Hamburg. And I had a great time! I believe it all depends on the way you relate to your family and friends; if that relationship is a solid, genuine one, then Christmas is a great time indeed (as I once had), and you can just forget/ignore all the consumerism nonsense. But if you happen to be in a different situation, you're compelled to see things differently, as I see them now.
I'm really happy for you, Rian, that you can feel great in the company of your family! That's most precious indeed nowadays!
Herzlichen Dank!