terça-feira, 7 de novembro de 2006

I. Honouring Truman Capote

A tragedy. An investigation. A writer. A novel. A destiny. A movie (or two).

Truman Capote

Uma tragédia. Uma investigação. Um escritor. Um romance. Um destino. Um filme (ou dois).

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fourhorsemen disse...

o used to be able to do a perfect vocal immitation of him.

RIC disse...

I would like very much to hear that! I had seen him in several documentaries, so I had an idea of him when I watched «Capote»: marvellous performance!
But I've recently read there's a new film about him, which is even better. I hope will get to watch it around here too. (I'll have to check the title... Just cannot remember right now...)
Thank you, Will, for that election's results link! Most precious!

Phineas Fogg disse...

Polls open east coast in one town in New Hampshire at midnight (five AM your time). It is a tradition. The two votes, they count and announce the results right away. I think it is named Dixville Notch or something like that. A bunch (about 22) of republicans. That is 22 too many for me. Gove them some meth and gay hookers so they can get high and have gay sex all night and forget to vote.

1st Official results will begin Midnight your time (a couple of East Coast states close polls at 7 PM). Our polls close 4 AM your time. We will reelect a liberal woman as OUR senator. We have the LOWEST church attendance of all 50 states!!!

Seven inches of rain today. The current weather is from Hawaii. Bizarrely warm and extremely wet. Nice, really unless you are in a flood zone which I personally am not.

I can do quite a lot of vocal imitations. I am a Zelig. If you know the film (Woody Allen), you know a bit about me. I used to be able to do Ronald Reagan, too. And Pee Wee Herman.

RIC disse...

This post should honour Truman Capote.
Other matters, though most important indeed, could make a better use of an e-mail.
C'mon will! This is a blog, not a MSN.
I'm not liking this. Really I'm not. I thought you knew when to stop. You don't even give a damn for what I write.
You have my e-mail. I have your e-mail. Why this?
I just wish I could keep my blog the way I like it to be.

Gray disse...

Ric, could you be thinking of "Infamous" (2006)?? It stars Toby Jones as Capote and Sandra Bullock as Harper Lee. I'm going to try to see it this weekend.

I used to love watching him on our late night talk shows. The man had a true sense of humor (mostly ironical).

Thank you for a chance to remember his talented writings! As an aside: I remember when I first saw 1966's "In Cold Blood." It really bothered me!

Knottyboy disse...

I am fascinated by Truman's life. His ability to make people at ease and to gain unrestricted access to personal, dark parts of their lives. He was always able to pull apart the mystery and tell the truth about the most terrible things. A talent to be sure. I wish he was still around to experience.

RIC disse...

Hello Gray! Yes, that's it: «Infamous»! I read about it on Augusto's cinema blog «Queer Beacon». His review was rather good, so I'm quite interested! I do hope you'll watch it soon and tell us all about it! I'm looking forward to watching it here too.
I don't know whether this is correct, but isn't that ironical sense of humour quite NYC-ish, so to speak?
I'm just loving reading his book rather slowly so that I don't miss those details that go by so quickly in the movie.
Oh yes, I'm sure it did bother you then! It still does nowadays! I watched «Capote» this year and find it one of the best movies I've seen so far this year!
Have a nice week you too! :-)

RIC disse...

Hello, Kb! Nice having you around again!
After «Capote» and his book, I'm looking forward to reading a biography of his just to get to know him better, until I get to watch «Infamous» around here!
His mind was powerful indeed! Like you, I also wish he was still among us.
Thank you so very much!

Gumby disse...

a very good book.

RIC disse...

Thank you, Gumby! It is indeed! A wonderful, powerful writer, Capote!