domingo, 29 de outubro de 2006

«Maximen und Reflexionen»

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Begegnet uns jemand, der uns Dank schuldig ist, gleich fällt es uns ein. Wie oft können wir jemanden begegnen, dem wir Dank schuldig sind, ohne daran zu denken."

If someone meets us, who owes us thanks, it will immediately occur to us. How often can we meet someone, whom we owe thanks, without remembering?

"Große Leidenschaften sind Krankheiten ohne Hoffnung. Was sie heilen könnte, macht sie erst recht gefährlich."

Great passions are diseases without hope. What could heal them only makes them quite dangerous.

"Es gibt keinen größeren Trost für die Mittelmäßigkeit, als daß das Genie nicht unsterblich ist."

There is no greater comfort for the mediocrity than that the genius is not immortal.

"Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen."

He who does not know foreign languages knows nothing about his own.

"Was man nicht versteht, besitzt man nicht."

What one does not understand, one does not possess.

"Ein jeder, weil er spricht, glaubt, auch über die Sprache sprechen zu können."

Everyone, because they speak, believe they are able to speak also about the language.

"Eine Chronik schreibt nur derjenige, dem die Gegenwart wichtig ist."

A chronicle writes only the one, to whom the present is important.

"Eigentlich weiß man nur, wenn man wenig weiß; mit dem Wissen wächst der Zweifel."

Actually one knows only if one knows little; with the knowledge the doubt grows.

"Unter allen Völkerschaften haben die Griechen den Traum des Lebens am schönsten geträumt."

Among all peoples, the Greeks dreamed the dream of the life most beautifully.

Sunday is a fine day for some reflection and meditation. Just sit back and relax...

6 comentários:

Minge disse...

And you've provided us with much on which to meditate. Thank you, Ric. You're a breath of fresh air in the midst of the smog that is the internet.

RIC disse...

Dear Minge! What's the matter with you? Now, now, there are days and days, as we say in Portuguese. I've been noticing some changes myself, too. But I believe that's normal. I'm no better than many others. I just try not to bother and follow the way I like, that's all. I'll visit you later.
Wish you all the best! Get that humour back on track, will you? :-)

Minge disse...

I need to find my Joan Rivers head and put it on.

RIC disse...

I'll have to find out first who that Joan Rivers is, but I think your head is quite okay. You need not borrow anything from anyone...
Some times being under the weather is not so bad: it helps you put things in perspective.
Have a nice day, Minge!

Gray disse...

It is not Sunday as I write this, but I will be sitting back, relaxing and meditating right after I sign off.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ric!

RIC disse...

You're most welcome, Gray! I hope you'll enjoy and take some advantage of meditating! Some times it's quite an adventure...