segunda-feira, 4 de setembro de 2006

My world and the... World!

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Vertaling Duits - Nederlands (Translation German - Dutch)

Vêem como o meu mundo é pequenino?

Voyez‑vous comment mon monde à moi est-il bien petit?

Seht ihr, wie winzig klein meine Welt ist?

Zie je hoe grappig klein mijn wereldje is?

Do you see how tiny small my world is?

I wish I were a real citizen of the world, a true cosmopolitan, embracing all that «comes with the package». There's so much to explore...

2 comentários:

Joel disse...

You're lucky, I've yet to cross the ocean!?

RIC disse...

Yes, I believe so, Joel. I'm glad I did cross it some years ago. But there's still plenty of world for me to see... Besides, I wish I had been all over Northern America the way the map shows...