sábado, 9 de setembro de 2006

Grateful to «Bent» for being attentive

It's neither «Scientific American» nor «Nature» online, but I feel deeply flattered and honoured the very same way as if it were. No more, no less.

A while ago I went over to «Bent» (www.bentblog.com) – you all know it quite well, don't you, dear blogger friends? – and just couldn't help feeling as happy as can be when I happened to look at the quotations right yellow column and read this:

"You'll get whatever marvellous there is in a world to come just by offering us these paradise visions..." – RIC

The first words sounded familiar, but… Then I finished reading the sentence and the nickname. What the hell… And I realised I had written that myself, someone had noticed it and put it on that list. Wow!

It's that gesture indeed I am thankful for. It means attention and kindness.
All the way across the wide Northern Atlantic Ocean…

UPDATE (21:00)

In spite of all dismays, an inner voice keeps telling me all the time politeness does pay! At least for some of us who feel gratification, as I just did.
Before posting this morning, I sent «Bent» an email thanking for being attentive and kind.
Surprises went on crossing the Atlantic: I opened my mailbox and found this message:

«I just loved what you said - it was so great! :) I'm only sorry I forgot to put a link to your site in there when I originally put it up...Take care...»

Thank you very much!

6 comentários:

Joel disse...

I was talking about your quote, not the pictures.

Hera disse...

It is really nice. I had a surprise like that before, and I can really say it is fucking good!!! (Obrigado pela visita ao blog! Beijos). Take care. I'll be around.

RIC disse...

Oh yeah, Joel?! And how could I only have guessed that, if you commented on pictures and wrote about your own pictures, huh?
Anyway, thank you very much! The feeling was really nice...

RIC disse...

É uma sensação agradável porque revela a existência de uma pessoa atenta e simpática «do outro lado». E isto, hoje em dia, merece destaque.
Pra vc, Hera, um beijão alfacinha! Volta sempre!

Steve disse...

Hiya Ric,
My name is Steve - and you left a message; weeks ago about wanting to join Gay Men Rule. We'd love to have you on board - but I can't find an email; so that I can send you and invite! Will you email me at diamondfistwerny@hotmail.com (if you are still interested); so we can get you on board?


RIC disse...

Hello Steve! Thank you very much for answering to my sugestion! I'll email you right away. :-)