quarta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2006

Mr. Mick Hucknall & Simply Red in Lisbon!

Less than a month now to the concert in Lisbon, at the Atlantic Arena.
Mr. Mick Hucknall & Simply Red will be singing for us on September 7.th. The day before they'll be in Oporto.

«Men and Women» is the album that captured my attention for the first time. And my liking for their wonderful music has always been growing ever since.
From «Home» here is my favourite...

You Make Me Feel Brand New

My love
I'll never find the words, my love
To tell you how I feel, my love
Mere words could not explain
Precious love
You held my life within your hands
Created everything I am
Taught me how to live again

Only you
Cared when I needed a friend
Believed in me through thick and thin
This song is for you
Filled with gratitude and love

God bless you
You make me feel brand new
For God blessed me with you
You make me feel brand new
I sing this song 'cause you
Make me feel brand new

My love
Whenever I was insecure
You built me up and made me sure
You gave my pride back to me
Precious friend
With you I'll always have a friend
You're someone whom I can depend
To walk a path that some times blends

Without you
My life has no meaning or rhyme
Like notes to a song out of time
How can I repay
You for having faith in me?

... I hereby dedicate this song to you all, my dear blogger friends!

4 comentários:

Carioca disse...

OK! Thank you!rs
E você vai assistir ao show deles em Setembro?

RIC disse...

You're welcome! Não tem de quê!
Quanto ao concerto, como o espaço não é gigantesco (como num estádio), é muito provável que vá. Não gosto de concertos para grandes massas.

robmacca disse...


"I love the thought of coming home to you....." - Fairground

RIC disse...

... Always the best thought of all, ever...
Thanks, Robbie!!!