quinta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2006

Good readings, bad readings...

Well, Joel insisted on books!?books!?books!?… I read it all very carefully, and just couldn't resist giving my own answers to this questionnaire – non, cette fois‑ci n'est pas le proustien – that seems to be flying around the world at light speed. After translating the questions, here is the outcome:

1. One book I have read more than once – Um livro que li mais do que uma vez:
«Os Lusíadas», Luís de Camões

2. One book I would want on a desert island – Um livro que levaria para uma ilha deserta:
«À la Recherche du Temps Perdu», Marcel Proust

3. One book that made me laugh – Um livro que me fez rir:
«Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos», Jorge Amado

4. One book that made me cry – Um livro que me fez chorar:
«Vagabundos de Nós», Daniel Sampaio

5. One book I wish I had written – Um livro que gostaria de ter escrito:
«O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis», José Saramago

6. One book I wish had never been written – Um livro que gostaria que nunca tivesse sido escrito:
«Mein Kampf», Adolf Hitler

7. One book I am currently reading – Um livro que estou presentemente a ler:
«A Máquina do Arcanjo», Frederico Lourenço (photo)
[I'll soon be posting about him and his work!...]

8. One book I have been meaning to read – Um livro que há muito quero ler:
«Le Mausolée des Amants», Hervé Guibert

9. One book that changed my life – Um livro que mudou a minha vida:
«Histoire de la Sexualité» – I, II et III –, Michel Foucault

10. Languages I like to read in – Línguas em que gosto de ler:
Português, Français, Deutsch, English & Nederlands – in this very order!

3 comentários:

Joel disse...

Cool Ric!?

If I had known I would have put your name down in my list!?


You know that most of these, I don't know/understand!?

I'm French Canadian!?

Mind sharing a bit of your life?!
E-me!? I'd like that!? French or English!?

What do you mean,
"I sense there's something strange, odd in the air."

PS please give me an e-mail to right to you!?

RIC disse...

So which one is your first language? French or English? I'd say English, but I may be wrong anyway...
As for my email, check in your archive, you'll find it there, I'm sure.
As for the books, I guess you're kidding: most of them are either in French or in English...
As for myself, feel completely free to ask whatever you wish/want to know about me. This may sound strange, but I don't speak that easily about myself. I guess I wouldn't be able of having a blog as a diary. It's not a matter of privacy, it's more a matter of personality, I'd say. So shoot!
Be happy and «work» for it!

Joel disse...

I'm French Canadian!?

But I'm more comfortable speaking and writing in English!?

Besides I'm trying to attrack English friends!?