quinta-feira, 27 de julho de 2006

What I think you should know about me

I embrace challenges. This is definitely one of them.

My favourite singer of all times is Edith Piaf.
I don't mind working at all - as in «to earn one's living» - but I'd rather sit at my computer much longer hours in order to achieve my own, personal goal. Selfish, I know.
I'm mad at European politicians. They've proven themselves to be mediocre. By the way, I like politics and always enjoy a fierce political debate.
I think Gwyneth Paltrow is (very) beautiful and Demy Moore is (rather) hot.
I've moved just a few months ago. I just love where I live now.
I believe in a powerful spirit or god, ruler of the Universe, about whom no man has had, or has, or will ever have the faintest clue.
My favourite documentaries deal with the state of the arts in science. Confusing?
I believe a guy can be completely straight or completely gay, but I'm sure the majority is in between.
I love to sing, and have a good ear for music. Unfortunately I play no instrument. I wish I could play the piano, so I might become an excellent musician.
I've always been attracted by blond hair, light-coloured eyes and 18.th century gentry's skin.
I'll eventually become a published writer, but I'm a perfectionist «soab» always putting hard demands on myself. I'll take all the time I need before I submit anything to anyone.
I live in Lisbon, Portugal, where I wouldn't - and couldn't - live in any other town.
I always wished for a younger brother. But I wouldn't mind at all having an older one. Or a sister.
I love books, music, and cinema.
I smoke many, many cigarettes a day and I've never done drugs of any kind. Yes, I think I'll eventually turn into an angel some day...
I was heir to nothing when my parents died, except to what they helped me to become. My mother died when I was 19; my father, almost ten years later.
My heritage is 100% Portuguese. I believe it goes back to medieval times. There must be some drops of Jewish blood in me as well. In those days Jews were Portuguese too.
I am 1,75 m, weigh 65 kg and have light brown hair (turning grayish) and dark brown eyes.
I may have an EIQ of 120, according to a not so reliable test I took recently.
I stopped swimming regularly some (!) years ago. Yes, a bad idea.
I've never been admitted to a hospital.
I've always had very bad teeth, I'm shortsighted since childhood, and wear contact lenses.
I have neither tattoos nor piercings. I've never seen myself with those things on or inside or through my skin/flesh.
I live in a rented apartment.
I wasn't such a good swimmer, as a child.
I want to feel well about myself day in day out. That's happiness to me.
I read as much as I can, maybe even more... I'm doubtlessly a maniac reader.
Most guys I've ever been interested in were scoundrels. I guess that's my fate («fado»)...
I strongly fear I will never find the other half of me.
I love country houses. They make me feel in peace with nature.
I've been single for a rather long time now.
I go seldom to the beach. I've always hated sand. But now and then I miss the sea for a swim.
My best features are my laugh and my irony. All my friends love them.
I tend to have devastating, stupid crushes on hetero, rather «malish» looking men. I guess it's unavoidable... Yes, it's fate again.
I just can't say whether I'd have been a good father. Knowing myself as I do, I believe I'd be an intolerant bitch too often.
My favourite holiday is June 10.th, Portugal's national day, usually my first day on the beach.
I love to laugh, but I don't mind at all crying over a book, a film, a piece of music. I feel so much better afterwards.
I've always hated to eat codfish, a sacred national dish. Another motive for troubles.
I love my own company since I was a child. I got used to being on my own.
I've never cheated on a relationship, ever. (This doesn't sound so nice as I thought...)
I've never had troubles with the police or with justice.
I don't drive and I believe I never will. No, I «own» no car.
I intend to finish one of my novels this year yet.
Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio just leave me cold. Kevin Costner instead is quite hot yet. Among the youngest, Rob Lowe and Jensen Ackles have the cutest looks ever.
I miss my mother very much. When I began to behave as a young man, we became truly good friends. But that was bound to end soon. Far too soon.
I believe there are other forms of intelligent life (not necessarily biological the way we understand it) out there in the Universe.
I've met my soul mate when I was seven. We became best friends first and - odd enough - we turned into brothers when we found out we were both into men. Our friendship would have lasted for all life, hadn't he been taken away by aids in 1993. I know I will never get over it. I still miss him everyday. He was my spiritual/intellectual companion.
I'm no longer in my best physical shape. I should go swim more often, but I walk a lot.
I fear dreadfully the easiness how I deal with solitude.
There is no value I consider more important - respect. I despise tolerance.
I'm sure capitalism ought to be replaced. We're heading nowhere this way.
I have no attaches whatsoever to other relatives of mine.
I love to read poetry, but I would never think of myself as being able to write any. The reason is obvious to me: all great Portuguese poets were geniuses. I love them all too much as to even try and emulate their works.
I fear commitment nowadays. But - that I know too - the heart has always the last word.
I like my computer very much, and I see it as an enchanted window to the world and to all people I've grown to cherish so much.
I have a uniform fetish... Any law reinforcement uniform drives me crazy.
I'm not suspicious by nature. I usually believe what people tell me. However, the very instant I find out they're not trustworthy, there's no possible return. I just won't trust them ever again.
I only watch TV series I know beforehand I'll enjoy. As for news, I get very nervous rather easily these days.
I wouldn't mind - would even like, I guess - living in the Netherlands.
Mind games are not at all for me. I can only stand them - up to a certain limit - when seduction is at stake. Once the passion/crush is over, I'm no longer in the mood for it.
I've travelled around in Europe and Northern America.
The only country I consider being continuously aggressive worldwide is the USA. Sorry...
I don't think citizens can solve any problem in the old democratic way anymore. There are some economical and financial forces and agendas determining the paths far too many corrupt politicians must follow.
In this men's and women's world I see God nowhere.
I would like very much a set of eyes looking back at me. With love.
I think «Hallo, hallo» is one of the funniest comedies ever. Congratulations UK!
I couldn't care less about names and pseudonyms as long as others are not involved in my adventures.
I'm afraid of depths. I know I couldn't ever cross an ocean on a ship. But I do it quite calmly by airplane... Am I weird or what?
The best show on television is any show that can make me laugh in an intelligent way.
I like to watch porn listening to classical music. Kinky, I know...
I truly believe we all are products of the free-market's evil plan that compels us all to consume as maniacs.
The more I know and cherish my straight friends, men and women alike, the less I indulge many gay acquaintances of mine. They enjoy the ghettos they live in.
I've studied Germanic languages and literatures (German and Dutch) and Portuguese linguistics. I love to teach languages and linguistics.
My favourite proverb says «Learn until you die».
I wish I could die peacefully, if possible while asleep.
I could not live without music. No way.
I've been drunk many times in my life, but seldom to the point of vomiting. I love to drink in the company of friends, but now and then I exaggerate, I confess.
My favourite movies are to be found in «Read My Profile».
I do like to sleep. My beauty rest is mandatory, and I usually sleep like a lord.
I find it hard to believe that mankind will be yet walking on this planet three hundred years from now.
I will be another year older next May,
My favourite number is 8.

[Acknowledgments: Motion Picture Soundtrack + FB (Hope you don't mind that much...)]

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Fletcher Beaver disse...

I'm flattered

Minge disse...

Thank you SO MUCH for this. remings me of the 100 things thingy. Fabulous.

The Brian disse...


I'd love to hear stories, info on what day to day life is like in Lisboa. Tell me more! :)

Gumby disse...

Beautful post! Thank you so much for sharing these things with us. It's amazing how much you and I have in common.

castor disse...

Please, stop smoking!!! I was a chain-smoker too and now I've got a heavy COPD! :-(

Fourhorsemen disse...

Well, now we know even more. See, I can travel thru time and space. Someday I might even take you with me 10 billion and one years into the future (i.e. the moment after this incarnation).

I am an INFP. The rarest of the 16 types. Carl Jung was also this.

Someday I might do one of those blog questionnaires and let you publish it in your native Portuguese to keep prying Anglo eyes from reading it.

RIC disse...

Well! I'm lad now for having the idea of coming back in time as well. Otherwise I would have totally lost your comment...
All that time ahead will there still be a Universe? (I'll have to write down that figure to get an idea...).
As to questionnaires there are some quite «benign»: you can just say what you find appropriate and don't have to answer all the questions... So you can fool snoopying Anglo eyes better!