sexta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2006

I. Hans Sfiligoi, a.k.a. Castor, in Memoriam

Mein recht lieber Freund Hans!

Heute habe ich die traurigste Nachricht in Lissabon erhalten.

Verzeihe es mir, mein lieber Hans, ich wußte es aber nicht. Ich bin erschüttert.

Du wirst in meinem Herzen bleiben, und da wirst Du für immer leben.

Deine prachtvolle Kunst wird Deine Geschichte tausendfach immer wieder erzählen.

Deine Familie, der ich so dankbar dafür bin, dass sie mir die Nachricht hat zukommen lassen, ist Deine natürliche Fortsetzung und wird in Ehre Deines gedenken.

Genau wie wir alle Blogger-Freunde, die die erhabene Ehre hatten, Dich je kennengelernt zu haben.

Sei recht lieb gegrüßt, lieber Freund!

João Ricardo

R. I. P.

My dearest friend Hans,
Today I received the saddest message in Lisbon.
Forgive me, my dear Hans, but I didn't know. I am in pain.
You will remain in my heart, and there you will always live. Forever.
Your marvellous art will tell your history many, many times, again and again.
Your family, to which I am so grateful for the fact that I was sent the message, is your natural continuation, and in honour will be thinking of you.
Exactly as we all are, your blogger friends, who had the raised honour to have become acquainted with you.
Be dearly greeted, dear friend!

R. I. P.

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Joe disse...


you're on my mind.

Thinking of you during all this madness of the Holidays and bad circomstances that are, like you said, LIFE.


Carioca disse...

Olha, Ric, eu não sei exatamente o que dizer... Mas acho que precisava te deixar um abraço, né?
Então é isso, amigo.
Até mais.

RIC disse...

Would you please identify yourself, sir? There's no Joe at all in my circle of blogger friends.
(If it weren't for a tiny detail, your comment would have turned to dust long before I started writing this response. How do you want me to guess it is you, JOËL???!!!)
Thank you!
Wish you a great Friday!
It'll be a sad Friday to me though...

RIC disse...

Olá Carioca! Muito obrigado!
A propósito, lembrei-me de que nunca mais ninguém disse nada sobre o Frank! Santo Deus! Obtiveste mais alguma informação?
Um abraço amigo!

Anónimo disse...

ric--I was fortunate enough to have met Hans and spent an afternoon with him two summers ago in Vienna. He was a kind, lovely man. There's a remembrance of him on DesignerBlog.

(My comment kept being rejected until I posted is as anonymous)

RIC disse...

Thank you so very much, Will, for your visit on this sad day.
I am glad that you have met Hans. In the short while we've been in contact he became a dear friend to me, and I had several opportunities to learn from him. I admire till this minute his strong believes, convictions, and commitments. His art is beautiful, and he enjoyed sharing it with us all.
I've lost another dear friend.

Anónimo disse...

My sincere sympathy for your loss, Ric! Life is always hard. It proves that it can always become worse when it takes away those that we know, like and love.

Thinking of you.


Like Will: (My comment kept being rejected until I posted is as anonymous)

RIC disse...

Hello Gray! I'm so glad for having you back! Thank you so very much for your words of kindness.
Life's always hard indeed...
I do sincerely hope you're okay now!
(Rejected comments became some kind of carnival these last few days...)