sexta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2006

Tagged again...

Should I loose my temper?
Should I get into a state?
Should I curse my fortune?
Should I say "No. Period."?
Should I say "Sorry, but Alice doesn't live here anymore"?
Should I say "I've already given for that charity work"?
Should I say "Are ya talkin' to me, an incorrigible smoker?!"?

I guess I could say lots of crap. I guess I could just say no.
But I just cannot say no to a friend who, though away from his computer and from the blogosphere on the other side of the world, has a kind thought for his friends and sends them postcards; or, while on vacation in southern England and dealing with family difficulties, takes his time to write some more postcards. That's Minge. (Have a look!)

And, last but not least, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to please myself and make a list of pop-ish songs I like. I won't go into the detail of naming the singer. You choose the interpreter, dear blogger friends, in case there are several.
I don't mind about that. Music is eternal, not voices. Here it is then:

● Starry, Starry Night
● Killing Me Softly With His Song
● I Will Survive
● And I Love You So
● You've Got A Friend
● I Love The Nightlife
● It's Raining Men
● Save The Best For Last
● September Morning
● As They Say

NB - This is no Top Ten. This is just a glimpse of mine at the Anglo‑Saxon music scenery; there are hundreds more, all lovable – in English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, you name it… It all began in the 60's, remember…?
Will you now stop tagging me, Minge? Pleeeaaase!

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Gray disse...

Those are all very nice songs, Ric! But you need something to perk you up and make you smile as well!

May I suggest one of the *earlier* songs (I have it on an old 78rpm record): "I'm My Own Grandpa."

Go to and read the lyrics as the song is being sung!
As you know, I've not been on the net for a couple of weeks (off and on, that is). So tomorrow, I'll read your posts that I have missed.

Thank you for your kind words!

kevin disse...

Anderson Cooper is HOT.

How many languages do you speak because you write English very well!

Kev in NZ.

André disse...

As músicas são divertidas sim senhor...
E os cães do minge são muito bonitos.

Minge disse...

What beautiful things you've said, Ric. I really don't know how to respond to that. I should give you a cyber kiss. *mwah* A great list of songs, too. And your wish is my command. I shall tag you no more.

RIC disse...

You're welcome, Gray! Thank you for your advice! I don't remember having heard that title before, and my memory is not that bad... I'm curious...
I hope everything is coming back to normal (as far as possible).
Best wishes!

RIC disse...

Hello Kevin! Thanks a lot for the compliment!
I speak five, and English comes in third place (learning order), after French and German.
Yeah, I think so too, the guy is really hot...
All the best for tomorrow!

RIC disse...

Olá André! Éstas músicas remetem para um determinado contexto e, mais ou menos, para um certo momento.
São lindos os cães, não são?

RIC disse...

Hello dear Minge! Feel yourself cyber-kissed in return as well!
Er... I didn't mean that way, forever... I mean it just not so soon again... (Oops...)
Thank you very much!

Mariano disse...

I loved the Terremoto video! Very early-Almodovarish! Thank you, Minge, and thank you Ric for the link! ;-)

RIC disse...

You're most welcome, Mariano! I'm glad for your «discovery»!

4-Horses disse...

This has absolutely nothing to do with this blog. But had a very strange -- nice -- but strange experience today. Had business that took me back to my high school today. It is a nationally famous (Disney shot a 1999 film there "Ten Things I Hate About You") French Chateau style castle. It was gutted and refurbished in the last three years and is stunning now. As I gave myself a self guided tour I slowly went thru a time portal to when I was 16 and had my first gay crush on a guy. It all came back. Hundreds of memnories of this, and of every thibng else, too.

After about an hour I retuned to my car and went back to work and was totally disorientated. It was like I was out of sync with time and space and it did not make sense that I had anything to do with the building in which I work. I was still 16 and I felt out of place with the “here and now”.

I then came home a found an email from you.

RIC disse...

Even here, where everything passes through writing, the way I am obviously shows: ever so serene until the first storm. And what I never get to understand is why people then find my reactions are strange. They must be, sure, but I just never think about that...
Well, I believe I've sent you better e-mails already... But if it was of some momentary help, all th better...

Fourhorsemen disse...

The experience I had at my high school today had a very strange parallel to you today that I will not be discussing online.

February 12th, 1968. Someone gave me a note that you echoed today by what you wrote. Two events from different sides of my life touching in some mysterious manner that cannot be explained.

RIC disse...

I like that mysterious part of life... I guess it's its salt...

Knottyboy disse...

The best thing I did on my vacation in Turkey was to keep blogging. I loved that at the end of the night I could edit my photos, write a summary of the day, then pop into the lobby of the otel and post it for my friends to see. I loved taking you guys with me. I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Minge has found this out too. Plus when things are difficult it's nice to know that others are there with you in spirit.
Hugs to you dear boy for all the great comments during my travels. It means a LOT to me :)

RIC disse...

Thank you so very much, Wayne! Those words of yours did come on the right moment.
I did enjoy «travelling» with you! And I just couldn't wait to see more photos and read your summaries.
I wish you the very best! You're a true pal!