sábado, 16 de setembro de 2006

Friday, Bloody Friday...

My dear blogger friends!

First of all I ought to apologize to you all for the horrific scenery you've been forced to face when trying to access «Viris Pulchris et Aliis» in the past 30 hours.

The truth is I made it happen due to my curiosity, so many times the main reason of some problems I've encountered in my life. I know, «curiosity killed the cat», but some things I fear I'll never learn…

To celebrate two‑month blogging (every single day!) and one hundred posts I said to myself I could change the banner's font type to a more beautiful one which would have more to do with Latin… Yes, I hear you loud and clear: «You vain idiot! Don't you know you cannot mess with templates as you please?!» Oops… Now I know…

Two marvellous blogger friends deserve all my especial words today: Joël from «Would I !?» and Knottyboy from «I bet after sex he smokes a ham…» They took their time – and their knowledge – to help a guy who thinks he can change things as he pleases… I'm ashamed. Without you I'd still be stuck in feelings of guilt.

To you both, dear friends, my heartfelt gratitude! Today you were my guardian angels!

I do love you all!


4 comentários:

Joel disse...


Thank you Ric!?

You are more then welcome.

What is that vacuum thing there????

I'll check to see if I could change your fonts.

Have a good 2 months celebration my friend!?

I want you to have a drink for me.


RIC disse...

You are just fabulous, Joel!!!
It's ME who has to thank you!
You can make the changes you want, since I know you know what you're doing! Pas moi!...
Of course I'll have a drink for you! Don't you worry about that, I'll remember you with joy and gratitude!
All the best for you, Joel!

Knottyboy disse...

My only suggestion now is when you muster enough courage to try this again, make a copy of your template before you start your munkie bizness. Then if you go all pear shaped again you've got your sublime arse covered.

RIC disse...

(lol&lol&lol) ... My sublime arse covered... At humour you are absolutely unbeatable! Wonderful laughs I had right now...
Thank you for being such a friend, Kb! I really needed some messages like yours to get «my sublime arse» up and do something about it!
Wish you all the best! (A hunky, nice dentist, for instance) :-)