domingo, 13 de agosto de 2006

GEOSpecial: Portugal

For those who read German and also for those who enjoy watching beautiful, large pictures (some of them on two pages!) here is a magnificent window onto many different aspects of Portuguese nowadays daily life. It concerns not only the traditional tourist but also the curious voyager's mind.
You'll find all this in Nr. 4 August - September GEOSpecial issue.

Give your eyes a treat and enjoy the reading!

An older issue (May 2004) still available of MERIAN magazine is a delightful introduction to Lisbon habits, traditions, people, lifestyles, monuments, museums, and so on, and so forth, and brings you much closer to the most South-western European capital.

What if you happened to fall in love with it?…

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Joel disse...

I'm already in love with the picture!?

RIC disse...

Be my guest! Suit yourself!